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Black Lightning

Jefferson Pierce, who retired from his superhero persona Black Lightning nine years ago after seeing the effects it had on his family, is forced to become a vigilante again when the rise of the local gang called the 100 leads to increased crime...

Duration:43 mins

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Season 1 - Black Lightning
"A former superhero with the power to control and harness lightning, Jefferson Pierce, otherwise known as Black Lightning, unrolls the secrets of his past to protect his city and his family."
"A glimmer of hope appears in the community that Black Lightning is back to combat the violence."
"Anissa starts to come into her own while Jefferson tries to decide if the community can survive without Black Lightning."
"Black Lightning is recruited to rally against The 100 gang. Anissa investigates the new drug hitting the streets. Meanwhile, familiar faces begin to reappear."
"An unexpected phone call unearths the long-buried need for Jefferson to investigate the murder of his father. Meanwhile, Annisa wrestles with the fact that her actions have dire consequences. Lastly, Jennifer learns the importance of controlling her temper - in all situations."
"Jefferson hunts down his father's killer; Anissa uses her new powers to right a wrong after a failed protest; Jennifer wrestles with difficult choices; Gambi asks Lynn for help."
"Black Lightning's pursuit of Tobias continues; Anissa continues to find herself in the new normal."
"Black Lightning works with Anissa to help find information to clear Black Lightning's name. Jennifer begins interning for Lynn. Meanwhile, Gambi finds himself in a precarious situation."
"Following the latest killing, Black Lightning tries to clear his name as he hunts down the person responsible for his father's death, while tensions remain high between him and Gambi."
"After the latest killing, Black Lightning works to clear his name and hunt down those involved in the death of his father."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Tobias returns to Freeland and is tasked to capture Black Lightning; after a battle of epic proportions, Anissa and Jennifer provide surprising aid."
"The aftermath of the showdown with Black Lightning leaves everyone reeling; Tobias gathers his forces."
Season 2 - Black Lightning
"After the Pierces survive Tobias's attack, the Garfield board considers a motion to shut down the school out of concern for the students' safety."
"Jefferson must break the news to his students and faculty that he is stepping down; struggling with his new life as Painkiller, Kahlil pays a visit to Jennifer in hopes of mending things; Tobias continues to enact his plan."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"While Tobias scheme to clear himself of any suspicion of Alvin's death, Jeff has it out with Anissa, Jennifer, Bill, and Lowry."
"Jefferson and Anissa make a shocking discovery while investigating a creepy man at the clinic. Tobias pressures Khalil to fill the void that Syonide left."
"While Lynn deals with the aftermath of fourteen deaths, Anissa meets with Anaya's parents and help her deliver her baby... only to receive a surprise."
"Looker and her clan attack Black Lightning and Thunder. They fight to get her to release the Sange. Jennifer and Kahlil continue to grow closer."
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