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The reboot follows two of America’s wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, as they feud for control over their fortune and their children. The series will focus on Fallon Carrington, the daughter of billionaire Blake Carrington, and...

Duration:42 mins

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Season 1 - Dynasty
"After coming to blows over business with Cristal, Fallon sets her sights on her father's biggest rival."
"All eyes are on the Carringtons as they try to cover their tracks following the Windbrair accident."
"Steven faces serious charges; Blake files a desist order for Fallon; Anders confronts Cristal about her past."
"The Carringtons' efforts to protect their secrets lead them outside the protective cocoon of the Manor."
"Fallon and Cristal vie for the cover of a prestigious magazine; Steven's ex-boyfriend returns to town."
"Claudia's stay puts Blake in an awkward position; Fallon zeros in on what she wants more than anything."
"Blake's hopes for a perfect Thanksgiving are ruined when he clashes with Fallon and Steven."
"The Carringtons struggle with ghosts from their past; Cristal's future with Blake is threatened."
"The Carringtons' plan for a peaceful holiday are spoiled by two arrivals, and the scandals they bring with them."
"A dangerous newcomer threatens to destroy everything Cristal and Blake hold dear."
"When Fallon is taken hostage, the family must come together to enact a rescue mission."
"At a casino-themed political fundraiser, Cristal suspects Blake of bluffing; Fallon goes all-in for a deal."
"Jeff and Monica put their payback plan into motion; Steven preps for a political run."
"Suspicious that the Colbys may be up to no good, Fallon plays a dangerous game of charades."
"Fallon is forced to continue with her faux engagement until she can save her family from becoming a casualty."
"The Carringtons' move from a wedding to a funeral; Steven steps in to help Sam; Jeff declares war."
"Alexis claws her way back home, shaking up the family estate and sending Blake into a vengeful rage."
"When Fallon and Alexis fight for Steven's love, his relationship with Sam gets caught in the crossfire."
"Alexis meddles in Fallon's love life; Blake and Cristal spar over a health crisis."
"Alexis enlists Jeff in her battle with Blake; Fallon must choose between the company and Culhane's family."
"Fallon tries to take the company in a new direction; A surprise houseguest gets mixed reviews."
"Fallon challenges Blake for control of the company; All hell breaks loose at Steven and Sam's wedding."
Season 2 - Dynasty
"The Carringtons rise to redefine themselves as the fate of the family's legacy falls squarely on Fallon."
"Fallon goes to desperate measures to sell Carrington Atlantic to the Van Kirks; Kirby befriends the Colbys."
"Fallon gets in over her head; Kirby makes a shocking discovery; Blake wines and dines a new guest."
"After an earth-shattering reveal, the Carringtons scramble to stay together on an expedition abroad."
"A psychic comes to dinner with unsettling news; Jeff and Culhane forge an unlikely friendship."
"When bad weather brings everyone together for Thanksgiving, Fallon finds there's no place like home."
"Alexis indulges in some master manipulation; Fallon pursues a passion project."
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