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Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels tells the epic story of post-Civil War America, focusing on a Confederate soldier (Mount) who sets out to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who have killed his wife. His journey takes him west to Hell on Wheels, a dangerous,...

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Season 1 - Hell on Wheels
"A former confederate soldier journeys to the transcontinental railroad to seek vengeance."
"Cullen fights for his life as he answers for his deadly actions. Lily struggles to survive in the wilderness, as Durant attempts to spin tragedy for political gain."
"Cullen's search for the sergeant is diverted by an unexpected obstacle. Durant organizes a search party to retrieve the missing Lily Bell."
"Cullen closes in on the Sergeant. Durant pursues a hidden agenda while helping Lily recuperate."
"Joseph Black Moon and Reverend Nathaniel Cole travel into Cheyenne territory in hopes of a peace talk. Lily Bell and Thomas Durant discuss the future of the railroad construction. Cullen Bohannon and Elam settle their differences in a public fight."
"Durant attempts to end ongoing negotiations with the Cheyenne by challenging them to a competition."
"Durant and Lily travel to Chicago - he, to further discuss the railroad with Senator Crane; she, to meet with her deceased husband's family. The Irishmen from Hell On Wheels prepare to hang Elam. Cullen interferes and helps him escape."
"A train is derailed by the Cheyenne. Durant orders Cullen to lead a team to track them. Lily moves out of Durant's coach and into her own tent beside the brothel. Tension mounts for Cullen's team in the pursuit of the renegade Indian tribe."
"Cullen and the search party find the natives who attacked the surveyor's camp and later derailed a train; Elam and Eva discuss their future, before getting a strange visitor; and the railroad crew reaches the important 40-mile mark."
"Durant and Lily conspire to gain investors' interests. Sean and Mickey McGinnes exact their own revenge on The Swede. Elam and Eva each begin to see the future differently. Cullen tracks down the elusive Sergeant Harper."
Season 2 - Hell on Wheels
"Cullen and Elam find themselves on opposite sides of the law as Durant and Lily push the railroad further west."
"Durant must confront a dangerous threat to Hell On Wheels. Meanwhile, a horrible crime forces Lily and Elam to strike a deal to bring justice."
"Mickey and Sean's life hangs in the balance as Cullen tries to keep order."
"After tragedy strikes one of their own, Cullen must diffuse an internal threat to the railroad."
"Cullen's past haunts Hell on Wheels, leaving the fate of the railroad hanging in the balance."
"Durant must save the railroad while fighting for his own life. Meanwhile Cullen fights to save an old friend."
"Cullen seeks justice in the aftermath of tragedy."
"A new arrival in Hell on Wheels creates turmoil."
"As the town celebrates, Cullen prepares for battle and then fights to save the railroad."
"As the town celebrates, Cullen prepares for battle and then fights to save the railroad."
Season 3 - Hell on Wheels
"After a hard winter, Cullen and Elam travel to New York to secure their positions on the railroad as Durant fights for his legacy from prison."
"An unexpected roadblock forces Cullen to make a difficult choice as a reporter arrives in Hell on Wheels. Elam struggles with his new boss."
"Cullen and Elam search for their stolen food on the prairie; a stranger's arrival threatens Elam's family."
"Cullen and Elam try to secure a new lumber source following a railroad accident; Durant tells Louise a secret about Cullen."
"Cullen helps Elam track down a dangerous criminal; the town prepares to move down the tracks."
"Durant files an injunction against Union Pacific, threatening Cullen's position; Elam deals with a dangerous newcomer."
"A cholera epidemic breaks; Cullen must locate fresh water before his employees perish; Durant faces political fallout."
"Cullen seeks help from Durant in winning his workers back from the Mormons; Sean and Mickey are haunted by their past."
"With General Grant's deadline only two days away, a gang of riders attacks Cheyenne while Cullen and Elam pay Durant a visit."
"Cullen deals with consequences; Elam mounts a rescue attempt; Durant receives the U.P. board ahead of the deadline."
Season 4 - Hell on Wheels
"Cullen awaits the birth of his baby, laboring under The Swede's thumb at Fort Smith. Durant deals with the fallout from a railroad accident."
"Cullen challenges The Swede as he plans his exit from Fort Smith. A new adversary arrives and makes his presence felt in Cheyenne."
"Cullen returns to Cheyenne. After being considered dead his return is a shock for many. Bohannan meets a few old friends and makes new enemies whilst trying to get his old job back from Durant."
"Cullen attempts to find a way for the railroad to pass over the mountains for Durant. As a Mormon, Naomi has her own struggles settling into Cheyenne. Brother Hatch continues to suspect the Swede of fraud and murder."
"The arrival of a dangerous stranger stirs up old feelings in Cullen and puts his family at risk. The Swede faces consequences at Fort Smith."
"We follow Bear Killer (Elam) as he is cared for by the Comanche after a bear fight. He becomes part of the tribe as they attack incoming blue coats. Bear Killers growing confusion forces him to seek out the railroad."
"Durant seeks revenge for his attack. Bear Killer (Elam) returns to Cheyenne trying to sell the female slaves he has. Due to Campbells presence, Cullen and Eva attempt to convince Elam of where he is and what will happen if he sell slaves."
"Naomi's unrest forces Cullen to take her and William back to the Mormon settlement at Ft. Smith. Campbell deputizes several undesirables in response to the deaths of his Marshals. The Swede is forgiven for his wrong-doings."
"Cullen attempts to make a stand to free Durant and the rest of the prisoners after Campbell decides to transport them back east. The only thing standing in his way is Snow and his men."
"Cullen, Durant and Campbell come together in order to discuss a means by which to provide protection to the citizens of Cheyenne. They must return a sense of well-being to the town after a disturbing act of violence takes place."
"Cullen and Durant work together to save the life of a criminal; Louise supports Ruth as she copes with a loss."
"Cullen struggles with Ruth's unexpected decision; Louise risks her reputation to fight for a story she believes in."
"As the railroad prepares to leave Cheyenne behind after Sherman Peak; Cullen returns to Fort Smith to get his family."
Season 5 - Hell on Wheels
"Cullen finds a route through the mountains to Ogden, Utah."
"Cullen enlists new workers to help him move a locomotive on a sled; Cullen and Fong must work together; Swede and Phineas fight for survival after being banished to the high country."
"Cullen contends with violence in Chinatown set off by disgruntled railroad workers. The Swede manipulates Phineas in his plot against the Mormons."
"In the wake of the violence, Cullen solves a Chinese labor strike; Mickey is pulled deeper into Union Pacific Business."
"Unexpected violence strikes during the festival of Tin Hau Don in Chinatown. Cullen confronts The Swede. Durant involves Maggie in his latest scheme."
"Cullen and Mei take a dangerous journey through the California wilderness, escorting precious cargo. Eva nurses Louise back to health."
"Cullen and Durant discuss with President Grant what will be the future of the railroad; The Swede goes ahead with his plan against the Mormons."
"The premiere sees the Swede's murderous rampage on the Hatch homestead resulting in a long overdue showdown with Cullen."
"Cullen faces life-changing decisions in Utah as Truckee adapts to life without him."
"Cullen's nitroglycerin experiment provides an explosive backdrop for the railroad life in Truckee. Durant's plan turns deadly."
"Durant's plot to ransom himself takes an unexpected turn when Campbell arrives in town with the Cavalry to coordinate a rescue operation."
"Chang discovers Mei's secret and forces her to flee Truckee. Cullen's search for her brings new realizations while exorcising old demons."
"The race to Ogden is coming to an end but when Cullen find out that the workers are missing it seems impossible to finish first."
"Government hearings, incalculable actions and the golden spike breed new beginnings and endings for those left standing."
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