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In a parallel present day, where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a 'Synth' (a highly realistic humanoid servant that's transforming the way we live). In hopes of reducing their workload, a suburban family purchases a new Synth...

Duration:42 mins

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Season 1 - Humans
"Laura Hawkins begins to suspect there's something unusual about their family 'Synth' Anita."
"Niska stages a brutal escape from the brothel and Leo's secret is revealed. Meanwhile, George is horrified to be given a new Synth, Vera."
"Anita saves Toby's life; George tries to break free; and Pete is angry at the brothel-murder cover-up."
"Joe gets too close to Anita, and Karen is not what she seems. Meanwhile, Leo gets one step closer to finding Mia, and Niska gets revenge."
"With Karen on her tail, Leo sends Niska to George's house and an unlikely friendship begins. Also: Joe's secret threatens to destroy the Hawkins family."
"With the Hawkins family at their lowest ebb, Laura makes a confession that will have serious implications for Anita and leaves Mattie wondering if she can ever forgive her. Meanwhile, Karen discovers the whereabouts of Niska."
"When Karen goes in search of Niska, Pete tries to uncover the strange truth about his former partner. Laura provides a refuge for the hunted Synths, giving hope that they and humans can peacefully co-exist but Hobb is on their trail."
"As protesters march against the increased use of domestic Synths Hobb prepares to experiment on the brains of his captives in his efforts to crack the secret of artificial intelligence. Now fully sympathetic to Anita\/Mia and the others as sentient creatures the Hawkins family, assisted by Pete Drummond, threaten to expose Hobb's experiment to the press unless he releases the Synths - which he does though with a tracking device inside Fred. On the run the family and the Synths mingle with the protesters before taking refuge in a church crypt. Here Leo takes a gamble on..."
Season 2 - Humans
"The Hawkins family try to get their lives back on track. Niska is driven to a fateful decision while on the run in Berlin. Leo, Max and Mia are living in hiding near a coastal town when they are threatened by a mysterious organisation."
"Karen and Pete learn of a special Synth which is being sold on the black market. Hestor uses dubious means to extract information from her prisoner and Mia risks exposing her secret to try and help Ed."
"Athena arrives in the UK seeking a meeting with Hobb and Niska's consciousness assessments begin. Leo's group of Synths are forced to abandon their hiding place but Mia makes a decision that shocks her friends."
"Mia and Ed get closer but their relationship is threatened when their secret is discovered. The outcome of the trial looks bleak for Niska until Laura calls a surprise witness."
"Leo stakes out the silo and tracks down the sniper who shot Ten. Hester promises to use peaceful means to deal with the shooter, but can Leo trust her? Meanwhile, Mia risks falling into the hands of a mysterious organisation."
"Athena challenges Milo over his ethics and is shocked to learn the extent of the tycoon's ambitions. Max starts a new community of synths and takes matters into his own hands when he learns how far Leo is prepared to go to achieve his aims."
"Laura seeks Niska's help as Mia and Hester prepare to break into the silo - but their attack does not go to plan. Meanwhile, Karen goes in search of Athena and makes a life-changing decision."
"In the aftermath of events at the silo, Hester seeks revenge on Leo. Karen decides she and Sam have no future. Niska plans to return to Berlin with Astrid, but cannot abandon her family. Joe makes a shocking confession to Laura."
Season 3 - Humans
"1 year after the dawning of synth consciousness, Leo is still in a coma leaving Max, Mia and Flash to broker an uneasy peace with the fearful human world. Laura's fight for synth rights receives an unexpected boost."
"A police raid on the Railyard leaves Max dealing with the fall-out from his life-or-death decision. The situation worsens when Agnes begins an anti-human campaign. Laura discovers an operation that could threaten synth survival."
"As Leo struggles to come to terms with being human, Mattie takes him back to the Hawkins' home, where a surprise night out allows them to confront their feelings for each other. Laura is determined to uncover the truth about the too-secret Operation Basswood and tries to enlist Dr Neil Sommer's help, only for things to take an unexpected turn. Joe reluctantly decides to help Karen with Sam, and Niska receives a mysterious message."
"Laura leads a tense visit of the Dryden Commission to the Railyard, but Agnes's anger may threaten success. Mia confronts her past when she meets Ed. A night out turns to tragedy."
"Sam reels from the events at Waltringham and Joe struggles to help him through it. Meanwhile, truths are revealed and dangerous plans are put into action at the Railyard."
"Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) must confront a friend turned foe. Laura (Katherine Parkinson) reels from her heartbreaking decision, but when Mattie (Lucy Carless) reveals her secret, she is spurred back into action. Niska's (Emily Berrington) journey takes an unexpected turn, while Leo (Colin Morgan) races to be by Max's side, but walks into danger."
"It's a race against time to stop Basswood. Laura must put her reputation and life on the line if she is going to have any hope of saving the Synths, but is she willing to give up her family and her freedom? Niska has reached her journey's end, but when the source of the mystery is revealed, has her real journey only just begun? Mia, Leo and Max stand together in final battle, but will they make it out alive? When the world learns of the atrocities that are taking place, will the fate of Synths change forever?"
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