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Kim's Convenience

The funny, heartfelt story of The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family, running a convenience store in downtown Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Kim ('Appa' and 'Umma') immigrated to Toronto in the 80's to set up shop near Regent Park and had two kids, Jung and...

Duration:22 mins

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Season 1 - Kim's Convenience
"Kim and his family, his wife, and daughter run a convenience store in a Canadian city that is not named. Kim upsets two gay men who want to put a sign in his convenience store window about a gay pride parade...when one of the men threatens to report Kim for being prejudice, Kim offers a 15% (first 50%discount but Kim lowers it after the two men leave his store) to all gays during the gay pride week...Kim says he has great 'gayar' and during the episode he gives the discount to those he believes, correctly, to be gay..even if the customer isn't sure yet. Kim's daughter..."
"Mr. Kim gets competitive with Janet over who is the better photographer, which leads to trouble for Janet at school. Mrs. Kim wants to be able to brag to her friends about Jung but is finding it hard to make his car rental position sound respectable. She's happy when she hears he's going for a new job, but that sours when she finds out it's still at the car rental agency."
"Jung draws the wrong kind of attention from his boss when he gives Kimchee a Korean wedgie at work. An uncomfortable 'sexual harassment in the workplace' conversation ensues. Mr. Kim commissions Janet's friend Gerald to take his photo instead of asking Janet. Janet is upset, but it's Gerald who has to deal with Mr. Kim who is an extremely self-conscious and un-photogenic model."
"Mr. Kim is frustrated with Frank, a repairman who talks too much, while Janet is frustrated by her aggressively cute cousin from Korea, Nayoung. Both Janet and Mr. Kim bluntly voice their frustrations and then try to bond over being \"truth tellers.\" They're not fooling anyone and both have to make things right. Jung and Shannon get tickets to a basketball game, but Jung starts to wonder if Shannon thinks it's a date."
"Mr. Chin asks Mr. Kim to be his wingman on a date but when Mrs. Kim finds out, she tags along. On the date, Mr. Kim finds it harder than he thought to \"talk up\" Mr. Chin's good points and Mr. Chin doesn't appreciate Mrs. Kim being the life of the party. Meanwhile - knowing that both her parents are out for the evening - Janet asks Jung to come to the store and help her fix a dripping pipe. Jung's \"bad feeling\" about returning home (even briefly) turns out to be justified when the store is robbed while he's there."
"When Mr. Kim disciplines Janet's professor's 5 year-old son, Janet is horrified. She was already having a tough time impressing this particular professor, and Mr. Kim just made a bad situation worse. But to Janet's surprise, her grade actually goes up when her sympathetic prof suddenly sees Janet's inner turmoil from her \"abusive\" father reflected in her work. Jung, meanwhile, discovers that Kimchee has been moonlighting as a Dash driver (Uber's newest competitor)... using a car that he signed out from work."
"When Mr. Kim finds out Janet is taking a Hapkido class his feelings are hurt, but he also questions her teacher's techniques. Janet issues an invitation for Mr. Kim to criticize the teacher in person and Mr. Kim unwisely accepts. Jung runs into an old flame, while Mrs. Kim (along with the 'flame's' mother) seizes the opportunity to matchmake."
"Mrs. Kim is bothered that Mr. Kim's renewed interest in church has been prompted by the arrival of an attractive new female pastor, Pastor Nina. Mr. Kim is so smitten that he refuses to allow Pastor Nina to pay for anything at the store, but Mrs. Kim has other plans. Janet dates a good friend of Jung's and Jung struggles to be cool with it."
"Mr. Kim and Janet butt heads over a case of expired ravioli: Janet wants to return it to the wholesaler, but Mr. Kim claims it's still good - doesn't Janet know that best before dates are a conspiracy? Mr. Kim proves his point by cracking open a can and digging in. He barely has time to gloat before his stomach starts rumbling and he's racing to the bathroom. Janet would love to rub it in. but, looks like her stomach's upset as well. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kim's serving up her homemade galbijjim at the church bazaar when a surprise visit by Jung forces her to admit that ..."
"Janet asks Mr. Kim for money to buy tickets to a weekend music festival, and when he refuses, she's had it. She's tired of working at the store for free. If Mr. Kim won't pay her, she'll find someone who will. Lucky for her, it turns out Handy Car Rental is looking for a new, part-time employee. Janet eagerly accepts Shannon's offer, but isn't quite ready to face the realities of her new job, especially when it turns out she has to work the weekend of the music festival. Mr. Kim, meanwhile, hires Gerald to replace Janet at the store. Gerald's a fantastic employee... ..."
"Mr. Kim fixes a toilet for Kimchee. Janet believes there is more to Edwin and Mrs. Kim's relationship."
"Mr. Kim's friend discovers a lump on Appa's back, and he is reluctant to tell his family. Janet needs to attend an important ceremony and the store has not been closed for twenty years."
"Mrs. Kim wants the family to sing at their church festival, but really wants her son to sing with her and not her daughter as Janet did not have the best voice when they last sang together."
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