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Murder Calls

Investigation Discovery's true-crime storytelling is often rooted in its award-winning visuals, but it's audio from actual 911 calls that sets the tone in Murder Calls. Each hour-long episode tracks a criminal investigation in which detectives...

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Season 1 - Murder Calls
"The stories behind terrifying 911 calls are detailed in this true-crime series, beginning with a young father's call that he accidentally shot himself while working on a farm. While he's on the phone, however, a second shot is heard, revealing that the shooting was no accident."
"A series of bizarre 911 calls come in to police in two cities from a serial killer confessing his crimes. The man becomes known as the Weepy Voiced Killer, due to his strange, whining voice--and many young women will fall before he can be stopped."
"In a harrowing 911 call, a woman tries to give police clues: there's a gun, she's near a river, and her kids are at risk. After police find her body in the river, they learn a stomach-churning truth about a killer who's been a predator for years."
"Title \"The Dark Horse\": A woman (Patricia Burney) returns home to find her husband unconscious and bleeding on the floor of their horse barn. 911 operators coach her through CPR, but it's too late, and police later use the call itself to find clues that reveal a plot to kill him."
"A former cop calls 911, saying he's been shot multiple times and his girlfriend has been abducted. Investigators race to save the caller - and find the missing woman and the gunman, who might be a drug cartel hit man."
"When a husband finds his wife with a cord around her neck, he calls 911, pleading for help. A missing phone, surprising crime scene clues, and a mystery man all complicate this story of love and loss."
"Church parishioners call 911 when they find their priest unconscious, after he fails to show up for Mass. Police uncover an earlier call made by the victim himself, and track a missing cell phone to find a deranged killer."
"Cleveland 911 receives a call from a panicked woman saying a man forced his way into her home, shot her boyfriend, and fled. Detectives must untangle a twisted web of jealousy to learn who killed a young father and why."
"A woman calls 911 to report someone is breaking into her home. Then the dispatcher hears a scream and a gunshot. When investigators find the victim dead and connect the case to a previous home invasion, they must solve the crimes before another victim falls."
"When a man screams for help during a frantic emergency call, he is too frightened to give out his address, prompting police to work feverishly to find him, but as detectives investigate, they soon uncover a shocking tale of torture and revenge."
"A man calls 911 to say he's on the other line with his girlfriend, and she's in trouble. When police respond, her two frightened sons answer the door. Their mom has been beaten severely. Detectives eventually unveil a tale of obsession and a heartless killer."
"Two distraught woman call 911 when they discover their sister brutally murdered. Soon, detectives uncover a stunning surprise and struggle to find a killer whose self-hatred drove him to commit kill, in a precedent-setting case."
Season 2 - Murder Calls
"A man calls 911 claiming he found his ex-girlfriend dead, and his behavior on the call makes police wonder if he was involved. Investigators tirelessly gather evidence to convict a killer whose unchecked rage left a young son motherless."
"When a young mother is shot dead in front of her son, horrified witnesses call 911 and describe the shooter as a slender man who disappeared into nearby trees. Though clues are scarce, investigators finally uncover the killer's shocking identity."
"A woman calls 911, saying she's found her son unconscious in his home. When police arrive, they realize he's dead: his hands are bound and he's been strangled. At first it seems like a burglary gone bad, but cops soon discover this death was personal."
"With a neighbor's help, an injured woman calls 911 to say an intruder broke into her boyfriend's home and shot them both. Police respond and find the boyfriend executed. Cops decipher strange evidence left behind to identify the killer."
"Detectives move quickly to weed through a convoluted list of suspects within a muddled case of bizarre revenge after a desperate father calls 911 to report that he has been shot in the chest and that his son, who is lying near him, has also been shot multiple times."
"When two girls from neighboring counties disappear and are found murdered, one family receives multiple taunting calls from the kidnapper. Investigators work to track him down and succeed with they discover a clue delivered by the killer himself."
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