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Murder Comes To Town

A sudden, brutal murder will traumatize any community, but when it strikes in a small close-knit town, the effect is devastating. From the rural backwaters of Appalachia to the lonely desert climes of the southwest, MURDER COMES TO TOWN uncovers...

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Season 1 - Murder Comes To Town
"When a beloved local business owner is murdered while minding his store in idyllic Cumberland Gap, TN, no one wants to think that the killer could be one of their own. Could the killer have been a stranger or someone a little closer to home?"
Season 2 - Murder Comes To Town
"As the last dry county in the state of Alabama, Clay County is a place stuck in time. When country store owner Billy Triplett and his wife Debbie turn up dead in the tiny town of Barfield, locals suspect it must have had something to do with his business. But when word of a bloodstained stash of money reaches investigators, they're stunned by who's trying to hide it."
"Diana Algar and Jose Molina are found brutally murdered in rural Hollenback Township, Pennsylvania, three letters scrawled across Algar's living room wall become a central clue in a nationwide manhunt. Investigators rush to unravel the mystery behind their meaning before the chilling calling card is found in the home of another victim."
"When Angela and Ashley Hyke go missing one hot summer night and candles are found burning in their home, those close to them know that something is horribly wrong. The key to solving the mystery may lie in Angela's cryptic diary."
Season 3 - Murder Comes To Town
"Police are baffled when Melissa White is found murdered in the backyard of her Viola, Illinois home. But when investigators take a closer look at Melissa's neighbors, they unearth a secret. Could this be the key to apprehending Melissa's murderer?"
"When John Tarwacki Sr. discovers the bodies of his son and daughter-in-law in their Niles, Michigan home, the only story told at the scene is found in the snow. Boot prints reveal the path the killer took, but the search for motive lead police in a startling direction."
"A suspicious message at the scene of a double homicide points to a possible drug connection. The only problem: the victims, have no involvement in the drug trade."
"The tiny town of Glendive, Montana is paralyzed with fear when mother of four Susan Casey vanishes. The investigation leaves everyone to wonder if one of Susan's former flames is harboring a sinister secret, or if someone else is stalking their town."
"When 28-year-old Carla Fuqua vanishes after a night out with friends, her family immediately panics. She's a dedicated mother who would never leave her 9-year-old son behind. Carla has become the fourth missing person in this tiny town."
"The brutal murder of a Shenandoah, Iowa, woman in her home leads investigators to suspect those closest to her until a note found at the site of an arson turns the case on its head."
"Rumors fly in the small town of Auburn, New Hampshire after well-known local George Jodoin is found murdered in his bed and the top three suspects are his close friends."
"When two college students are gunned down while parked in a quiet lovers' lane in Juliette, Georgia, the tiny community is beside itself with panic."
"Eleven days before Christmas, a man arrives home to a scene of unspeakable horror: His wife has been stabbed to death."
"The discovery of bullet-riddled bodies of Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Placker in tiny Weleetka, Oklahoma sends the community into a state of panic. If two of Weleetka's most innocent can fall victim to the sadistic killer, no one is safe."
Season 4 - Murder Comes To Town
"What begins as a frantic 911 call to help an assaulted neighbor, ends in the most bizarre investigation the small town of Walsenburg, Colorado, has ever seen - complete with a twisted tale of torture, family secrets, and a fallen Jehovah's Witness."
"In Grand Ledge, Michigan, retired police officer, Michael Green and his wife, Terri, are murdered in their home, and police find evidence of a personal grudge as a possible motive for heinous crime."
"A respected businesswoman in the placid town of Madisonville, KY is found bludgeoned and stabbed to death in her home. Detectives follow a long path to pursue her killer, but will their trail of suspects eventually lead right back home?"
"When beloved young waitress Zilpha Lowery goes missing, foul play is immediately suspected. Rumors of her fate drift through town and tie her to another mysterious disappearance. The question on everyone's mind: what evil has invaded Marion North Carolina"
"When a brush fire is reported in rural Winchester, TN, first responders are horrified to find the body of young Megan Sharpton at the center of the blaze. Beaten, raped and burned police race to bring justice before the attacker hunts down his next victim"
"When a town counsel member is found murdered in her home, residents of Berryville, Virginia are appalled. With the only evidence being the single bullet that took her life, the slaying begins to look more and more like a professional hit."
"The Long Branch Saloon is the local hangout for most everyone in the small town of Poteau, Okla. That is, until its beloved proprietor goes missing, leaving behind a splatter of blood and many unanswered questions."
"When 21-year-old Erica Vassell disappears after a Super Bowl party in Clewiston, Florida, the town launches an immediate search. But when her brutally murdered body is discovered days later, everyone in the tiny glades town is left in shock and fear."
"When the home of the Resaca, Georgia \"Carpet King\" is showered with gunfire and kills beloved daughter Tara Swilley, the self-made millionaire is convinced one of his business partners must be behind the killing."
"The murder of a beloved church lady sends the easy-going town of Georgiana, Alabama into a whirlwind. In a community where local gossip is rarely exciting, the rumors spreading across town have detectives struggling to separate fact from fiction."
Season 5 - Murder Comes To Town
"The double homicide of a young mother and her 21-month-old daughter sends Galax's tiny police force on a frenzied mission to stop unspeakable evil in its tracks."
"As a prominent family awakens to noises in the night, their worst nightmare ensues when their beloved daughter Terri Ann McCoy is fatally shot. Investigators work through leads and lies to discover the perpetrators were closer than they realized."
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