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Mysteries at the Museum

Host Don Wildman introduces us to a wide variety of museums from across the United States, each filled with extraordinary, often bizarre artifacts with amazing tales to be told -- and secrets to be revealed.

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Artifacts include Alcatraz escape dummy heads, WWII Enigma code machine, Fiji Mermaid art relic, Apollo 13 air filter, Dymaxion pre-fabricated house, and Mona Lisa painting copy."
"Artifacts include fossilized saber-tooth cat skull, \"BOCKSCAR\" B-29 Bomber aircraft, Cardiff Giant sculpture, Pullman train car light bracket, Air Force high-altitude parachute test dummy, and President George Washington's dentures."
"A San Francisco fire truck and ancient mastodon reveal scandalous stories."
"Simple objects reveal a complex, haunted past for Don Wildman."
"Bonnie and Clyde's Gun - The Iwo Jima Flag - The Aerotrain 1955 - The Deep Sea Anglar Fish - Who reach the North Pole First - 1960 100,000 feet parachute Trial."
"Artifacts include the \"Spruce Goose\" aircraft, a T-Rex skeleton, President William McKinley's torn nightshirt, empty picture frames from an art heist, a watch from the Johnstown flood, and the invention of the Slinky."
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"An early episode of the series from before host Don Wildman joined the show, this episode narrated by actor Jay Thomas includes artifacts relating to the attempted assassination of Teddy Roosevelt, the Cleveland, OH torso murder serial killer, the capture of the land speed record by the U.S. from the British, the sinking of the Titanic, the civil rights movement, and Bigfoot. Some of these segments later had new narration recorded by Wildman and were re-cut into newer episodes of the series."
"An electronic instrument in the Philly archives played into spy scandals."
"A New York City museum displays an artifact from an airplane which brought dread and destruction to the city; a metal staircase from the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam is on display at the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan."
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"How did a stunt become a defining moment for a space program in crisis?"
Season 2 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don examines the death case of Siamese Twins Cheng & Eng and unlocks their medical mystery. He studies an umbrella that played a role in a Cold War assassination. And, he visits a jail cell that holds a secret about Al Capone."
"Don Wildman investigates a rag doll, an engineering accident and a journal."
"Don Wildman inspects a khaki uniform, a manuscript and remains of mammoths."
"Don Wildman inspects a mysterious aircraft that crashed at Area 51."
"Host Don Wildman uncovers the cause of the Eastland Disaster."
"Host Don Wildman investigates the role an ordinary US Postal Service mailbox played in one of the most damaging spy cases of the Cold War."
"Host Don Wildman examines what appears to be a miniature human head, brought back from the jungles of South America. In the pages of a handwritten journal, he discovers the details of an Arctic expedition that ended in disaster."
"Host Don Wildman unveils the shocking real-life story behind an impressive work of art. He examines a simple tire cover that boasts a warning about a bizarre religious cult."
"Host Don Wildman inspects a strange pair of shoes that starred in one of the most bizarre and gruesome tales of the Wild West. He examines a miniature spacesuit - worn by a most unconventional space pioneer."
"Don examines a cardboard box that's contents were tied to a deadly outbreak that brought fear. He inspects a pill bottle that may shed light on an icon's death. He investigates why a Civil War submarine vanished without a trace."
"Don Wildman inspects a lottery ticket inscribed with the digits 6-6-6 linked to the only known lottery scam. He surveys a giant lifeboat that survived a hijacking and investigates a damaged airplane linked to ghost sightings."
"Don examines the stories behind a flying car, a Pennsylvania prison riot, a 1964 Alaska earthquake, a 1911 Coney Island Fire, a heroic carrier pigeon from World War I, and Ishi, the last Deer Creek Indian."
Season 3 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Host Don Wildman examines a shabby chauffer's cap, inspects a block of polysterene foam that sat at the the center of one the biggest manhunts in American military History and seeks to unlock a bizarre preserved beast."
"Host Don Wildman inspects a 100-year old tissue sample that sent a doctor to the gallows, a collection of birds killed by a mysterious epidemic and kettle used by a group of settlers to cook up a ghastly stew."
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"Don Wildman examines sketches of otherworldly creatures said to have descended upon a farm, a set of brass knuckles that protected a great president, a building tied to a secret society and a more than 150-year old disappearance."
"Don Wildman examines a mysterious photographic negative of a controversial machine. He investigates an armored limousine in an assassination attempt. And he inspects a giant book filled with mysterious birds."
"Don Wildman examines a mysterious box that holds clues to Hollywood's most infamous unsolved murder, inspects a strange bust of a figure and investigates a notorious and deadly domestic terrorist attack."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
Season 4 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don Wildman examines a lantern that guided a teenage girl on a quest to save lives, a homemade barrel used in a stunt, and a small metal fragment salvaged from a near catastrophic disaster."
"Don Wildman examines a poker chip that bore witness to one of Las Vegas's greatest atrocities, a 1970s police cruiser with a bizarre past and a battered Civil War sword rumored to have special powers."
"Host Don Wildman examines a trunk that may be evidence of a historic journey through Death Valley, a group of bricks from a Civil War prison break, and a human scalp that tells an astounding tale of frontier bravery."
"Don Wildman examines a trunk that holds the secrets of an unlikely killer, a collection of mysterious debris that may be proof of alien intelligence and a curious orb that tells the story of the rise and fall of a bizarre cult."
"Don Wildman examines a revolutionary plow that sows the seeds of a terrifying disaster, a primitive plane that challenges the accepted history of flight, and a deceptive coin that's designed to kill."
"Host Don Wildman examines an antique doll tied to a woman's confounding and tragic demise, an experiment gone awry that ignites the world of fashion and an audacious publicity stunt that ends in disaster."
"Host Don Wildman inspects a hunk on concrete tied to the rise and fall of a Los Angeles hero, a taxidermied dog the prowled the lines in World War I, and an antique gaming table said to be imbued with a sinister curse."
"Don Wildman inspects a makeshift harness that played a role in a dangerous mine rescue, a surfboard with evidence of a brutal, deadly oceanic predator, and a crude explosive device at the center of a sinister."
"Host Don Wildman examines a preserved mass of human tissue at the center of an American political scandal, a massive skull from a man-eating beast, and a meteorite that was once part of an improbable heist."
"Host Don Wildman examines a pair of handcuffs that once bound the wrists of an unlikely criminal, a dress worn by a socialite at the center of a shocking crime, and a leather bag used in a legendary prison escape."
"Host Don Wildman examines a dress worn by the star of a Hollywood movie with a cursed past."
"Don Wildman examines a set of books that contain a haunting tale told from beyond the grave, a primate involved in early space exploration, and a bottle of alcohol believed to compel drinkers to commit acts of violence."
"Host Don Wildman examines a wooden detonator used in an explosive railway robbery, a video camera that captured a bizarre, unexplained phenomenon and the massive skull of a legendary beast said to terrorize the seas."
Season 5 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don Wildman examines a failed invention that helped create a multi-billion dollar industry, the bell of a ship whose crew vanished at sea, and a footprint of a lizard-like creature that roams the swamps of South Carolina."
"Don Wildman examines a weapon that belonged to a secret network of spies."
"Don Wildman examines a weapon involved in a twisted plot to assassinate a US president, a beast that some believed terrorized people in Wisconsin, and a file that speaks of a notorious woman whose illness brought fear to New York City."
"At the Chicago History Museum, a pair of ostrich-feather fans tells of a risqu\u00c3\u00a9 dancer who scandalized the Chicago's World Fair. At the Joseph Jefferson Mansion and Gardens on Lake Peigneur in Louisiana, an antique urn is one of few relics to survive a terrifying earth-shaking disaster. And at the Los Angeles Police Museum, twisted bullet fragments are all that remain of a notorious gangster's brutal slaying that remains a mystery."
"Don Wildman examines a mangled car which tells of an intrepid journalist's quest for the truth, a vile of liquid containing what was believed to be a miracle cure and an iron safe which played a key role in a heist."
"Host Don Wildman explores a plaster cast of hoof prints made by a mythic beast, a colossal war machine that once laid waste to an American city, and a presidential train car that remains shrouded in mystery."
"Host Don Wildman investigates a strange wooden box used in a ritual, a weather beaten oxygen tank which tells of a daring ascent and the torn hat of a local pastor found at the scene of a crime."
"An aged dossier which may be linked to one of the world's most notorious killers, a century-old $20 bill which was once wielded by a brilliant and elusive criminal, and an insect specimen which once wreaked havoc on America's Heartland."
"Host Don Wildman examines a piece of industrial machinery from the early 1900s, a glass medical jar containing a strange substance and a tattered shirt that is one of the last vestiges of a aviation anomaly."
"Ventriloquist dummies who may be witnesses to a crime, rudimentary electronic device that uncovers a devious plot, the plaster footprint of an unknown creature."
"Host Don Wildman investigates a tattered briefcase belonging to an eccentric doctor , a massive chunk of stone, and a reel to reel tape recorder used by one of the FBI's informants."
"Don Wildman investigates a pair of timeworn, every day dining implements."
Season 6 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don Wildman investigates a bright yellow car that once represented the promise of an automotive revolution, a mysterious musical instrument, and a strip of paper with a secret message that was passed across enemy lines."
"A black and white negative containing an image of a deadly weapon, The likeness of one revolutionary woman, A large missile that led to the creation of a product that's found in nearly every household in America."
"A small book with notes from a strange encounter with an animal, a gray slab of material that revolutionized industry after an accidental discovery, and an innovative tool that changed heroes' jobs."
"A pistol that's tied to one of the most bizarre series of events in the history of the Wild West, a Model B Wright Brothers Flyer that once belonged to a wealthy rogue, and an ordinary lawn chair that's been rigged to fly."
"A deadly weapon from that played a central role in a duplicitous plot, a device that sustained one man on the high seas, and a set of 5 glimmering gemstones linked to a supposed land of riches."
"Don Wildman examines a set of binders that contain clues to an incendiary tale of a woman who met a bizarre and combustible fate, a box that was used in a shocking experiment and an over-sized iron pot with metal rods."
"Don Wildman investigates a handcrafted doll that is linked to one of the most memorable criminal cases of the 1930s, a glass bottle with a secret message, and a wire mesh screen that served as a window into a scary encounter."
"A pin that's connected to a devious plot to assassinate the president, a bizarre contraption that was designed by a pioneer in the glitzy realm of Hollywood and a strange being that some believed was evidence of a close encounter."
"A glass vial filled with a silvery salve that was used to wage a battle against a medical nightmare."
"Don Wildman investigates a baseball bat linked to a case of fanatical mania, a set of letters that turned a infamous tale of deceit on its head and ornate wallpaper that reveals an astounding tale of astronomical intrigue."
"Don Wildman examines a pistol linked to a legendary love story, a plant specimen that points to a toxic tale of abuse and a pair of cement shoes from a prison used to punish a convict."
"Don Wildman examines scraps of metal linked to a nuclear nightmare, a pair of binoculars wielded by a high-flying visionary and a life-sized effigy that immortalizes one of the West's most notorious cons."
"Don Wildman examines a bullet that is connected to a shocking tale of seemingly Immaculate Conception, a machine used in a animal rescue mission, and a deck of cards linked to a spine-tingling investigation."
Season 7 - Mysteries at the Museum
"In the Season 7 premiere, the host looks into the story of a brassiere that gave lecherous schemers an unexpected boost. Also: a plane that soared to safety in a daring rescue mission; and a religious icon allegedly scorched by the forces of evil."
"A high-flying stunt that changed aviation history; and the story of a panda discovered by an unlikely heroine. Also: The host visits the Edwin Epps house in Louisiana and learns about the cruelty of slavery and one man's quest for freedom."
"A feud between Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini is examined by the host, who later looks into the history of \"Poison Squad\" experiments and the beginnings of food and drug regulation. Also: the story of a jaw-dropping feat of trickery pulled off by a great impostor."
"Host Don Wildman examines the Tootsie Roll candies that once saved the lives of a courageous band of soldiers, a guitar owned by a legendary musical jailbird, and a bicycle that helped launch humans into outer space."
"Don Wildman examines the badge that inspired a teen to undertake a nuclear experiment, a chess set used in an unparalleled match, and the eerie animal specimens that once spread the fear of death across the southwestern US."
"Host Don Wildman examines a damaged metal identification tag that played a role in a bizarre crime, a painting by a man who pulled off one of the art world's utmost deceptions, and a pin that represents a push for equality."
"Host Don Wildman explores a postal box that embarked on a gravity-defying journey, a Viking vessel that sailed into the annals of modern history, and a handmade talisman that weaves a tale of terror and resilience."
"Host Don Wildman examines an old Concord stagecoach that symbolizes a broken dream , a collection of melted vinyl records that sparked the decline of a cultural marvel, and a ship model that represents a bid for freedom."
"Host Don Wildman examines a revolver that was once featured in a hostile situation, a bare-bones plane that speaks to a perilous adventure, and a set of mug shots that represent a link between a crime ring and an unlikely hero."
"Host Don Wildman examines the cast of a woman who helped save thousands of lives, a surfboard that speaks to one of the nation's most notorious capers, and a mysterious plant that offered unlikely hope."
"Host Don Wildman investigates a china doll that speaks to a mystifying tale of deception, a bullet-marked sleigh that stands witness to a violent ending, and a set of stones that hold a possible clue to a lost civilization."
"Host Don Wildman examines a ragged tome that may explain the disappearance of a mystery writer, a Renoir painting believed to have been purchased at a flea market , and a police ledger that tales the tale of a cagy love affair."
Season 8 - Mysteries at the Museum
"King Tut's tomb was discovered almost a century ago, yet it continues to puzzle the world today. Don heads to Egypt to retrace the steps of archaeologist Howard Carter and investigate the myths behind the famous boy king."
"Host Don Wildman examines an aeronautical device with an infamous claim to fame, a cane that thwarted a presidential assassin, and a souvenir t-shirt from an outlandish event that became an all-out rampage."
"Host Don Wildman examines a copy of a play that sparked one of the biggest riots in New York City history, a monocular used by a soldier who made a daring escape, and a wrapper from a product that sparked an interstate postal feud"
"Host Don Wildman recalls an infamous night at a prestigious music venue, examines a space capsule used by a heroic astronaut during a harrowing mission, and checks out a DVD from an unusual film that blurred the lines between fact and fiction."
"Host Don Wildman examines an iconic road sign that was part of a revolutionary plan to bring order to America's roads, a tiny bee specimen that unleashed madness, and a gas mask that was invented by a bold and pioneering man."
"Host Don Wildman examines a classic toy that became a pop culture phenomenon, a delicate silk sample that symbolizes a stunning tale of international espionage, and a quirky car designed to travel on both land and water."
"Host Don Wildman examines one of America's most explosive candies, a pinball machine that represents one of the game's gutsy player who saved it from obscurity, and a flare stick that guided Londoners through a unique time period."
"Host Don Wildman examines a simple peanut that played a role in an unusual 20th Century fad that took one man on a daring adventure and a set of shimmering gold relics that became the subject of a battle between two rival nations."
"Don Wildman examines a trinket symbolizing the stormy evolution of a beloved holiday, a novel contraption deployed to save a bevy of wild beavers in Idaho and views a scandalous machine that titillated Victorian England."
"Don Wildman examines a painted wooden sign that once advertised a vaudeville act so bad it was good, a famous White House cow's milk can and a program from one of the most polemic films of the 20th century."
"Don Wildman inspects a set of watchmaking tools that belonged to a man who changed America's railroads, a journal that tells the story of a risky experiment and an armband worn by a lawman who protected a brave girl."
"Host Don Wildman examines a beautiful hand-crafted glass plant that blurs the line between science and art and a muscle car that grew out of a legendary race between an American automaker and a rival Italian designer."
"Host Don Wildman examines a puzzling crossword, a set of traffic signals that became a beloved symbol of East German culture, and a set of leg irons shackles that once restrained a legendary outlaw."
"Don Wildman examines a paperweight linked to a heroic chapter of JFK's life, visits Edinburgh, Scotland, to admire a controversial queen's jewels, and inspects a menacing cage connected to a incredible escape."
Season 9 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Host Don Wildman studies the inspiration behind a famous play, examine a strange device, and visit a Renaissance sculpture"
"Host Don Wildman examines a bird specimen, tiny camera, and popularity of poker."
"Don Wildman uncovers a sculpture of a monster lurking beneath the Big Apple, visits San Diego to check out a car customized with everything including a kitchen sink, and discovers in Boston that Paul Revere was a forensic hero."
"Don Wildman heads to Chicago to examine an odd glass medical device invented by an aviator, discovers in Michigan a set of tools used in a failed auto business, and visits Harvard where a bird specimen reveals a case of deception"
"Host Don Wildman examines in Louisiana a precious metal that reportedly cured alcoholism, discovers how Reno was once a destination for disgruntled spouses, and uncovers the mystery around a president's untimely death."
"Don Wildman explores a rare food fight, a race around the globe, a bird uniform."
"Host Don Wildman examines a plane used in a pioneering woman's quest to dominate the skies, a metronome that spread confusion and controversy among fans of Beethoven, and a small instrument used to fight off an army."
"Host Don Wildman examines a coded letter at the center of an infamous politician's seditious plot, tells how an American literary classic became truly great, and inspects the iconic lamp of a legendary nurse."
"Host Don Wildman examines a forged European painting that fooled museums everywhere, eight tiny boxes that look like coffins, and a mysterious rubber block that was found washed up on a beach."
Season 10 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Host Don Wildman investigates an electric chair related to a bizarre crime, a marble table from a scientific experiment gone wrong, and a yearbook that tells one determined student's smart scheme."
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"Don Wildman examines an extraterrestrial encounter linked to a bizarre spider, a survivor turned circus performer and a rusty can of beans that symbolizes a high-tech craze."
"Don Wildman examines postage stamps made by a group of pirate radio rebels, inspects a photo linked to a terrifying sea monster and observes a gun owned by one of the most popular outlaws in Wild West history."
"Don Wildman examines a specimen linked to a case of mass hysteria, marvels at a massive locomotive connected to the worst train robbery ever and studies the West's most legendary creature, the jackalope."
"Don Wildman examines a crossbow linked to a legendary marksman, inspects a tell-all memoir that created a national scandal and investigates a quirky arcade game that became an astounding hit."
"Don Wildman examines a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, a dress worn by a groundbreaking athlete and a massive airplane used to combat a deadly inferno."
"Don Wildman examines a set of mysterious bones found beneath Benjamin Franklin's home, a brave woman determined to save a hijacked airplane and an author's quest to get his work published."
"Don Wildman investigates a statue which seemed to have taken a life of its own, a strange skull from a beast that once was the star of the big top and a small carving of an infamous dictator."
"Don Wildman inspects a pair of glasses linked to a mysterious death, uncovers the truth behind a deep sea monster and unravels the story behind one of history's greatest escapes."
"Don Wildman examines a hat that inspired a shocking act of deception, a medal belonging to a woman who was behind the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and an ingenious contraption which saved pigeons and helped win World War II."
"The 1858 Bradford sweets poisoning was the arsenic poisoning of more than 200 people in Bradford, England, when sweets accidentally made with arsenic were sold from a market stall. Twenty-one victims died as a result."
Season 11 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don Wildman examines a town gripped by a bizarre plague, the mix-up that spawned a holiday tradition and a woman's quest to take on the world."
"Don Wildman uncovers the truth behind a nuclear malfunction, investigates the strangest delivery the world has ever seen and examines a survival story that captivated the globe."
"Don Wildman examines a barrel connected to a daring World War II plot, a traffic light that sparked an urban revolution and the portrait of a doctor who was embroiled in a nineteenth century tale of biological warfare."
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"Don Wildman examines the man who saved George Washington, a civil rights pioneer and the bizarre sighting of a UFO."
"Don Wildman examines a gambling geek who cheated Vegas, an alchemist preforming an eccentric experiment, and a harrowing journey through Nazi territory."
"Don Wildman examines a medal presented to the greatest boxer of all time, inspects the statue of a monstrous beast and investigates a newspaper that exposed a salacious scandal."
"Don Wildman investigates the disappearance of one of New York's elite, an Olympic Jersey tied to a pivotal moment for civil rights and a plastic knife wielded in a chilling survival story."
"A woman's quest for athletic glory; a bizarre use of the US Postal Service; one man's will to survive against all odds."
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"A brazen plot to steal a priceless diamond; a bloodthirsty shark that inspired a horror movie; a famous encounter between a president and a \"King,\" a haunted hand print; a US Parcel Mail Bag; and the struggles of Harvey Milk in San Francisco."
"The death of a country music legend; surgical tools linked to a medical mystery; the oldest cold case in human history."
"Don Wildman examines a replica of America's most famous bell, inspects a photograph of a suspicious-looking chef and investigates an illustrated book depicting a devilish fiend."
Season 12 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don Wildman investigates the chain of events that led to the Miracle on the Hudson River, uncovers the origins of a legendary statue and examines a musical invention that struck a major chord."
"An action figure to a North Korean kidnapping; a gold ring as a symbol of freedom; a 19th-century board game."
"Don Wildman uncovers a British plot to assassinate George Washington, investigates the bizarre trial of a rooster that hatched an egg and examines America's most notorious family feud."
"Don Wildman examines a stone tablet which may hold the key to America's beginnings, a model plane connected to a hijacking and a revolver that once belonged to the first American woman to lead an armed expedition into war."
"Don Wildman uncovers the truth behind one of the most audacious hoaxes in sports history, investigates the preserved remains of a terrifying beast and inspects a watch linked to a presidential scandal."
"Don Wildman examines the mysterious death of one of Hollywood's most beloved stars, the amazing discovery made during the search for Scotland's elusive Loch Ness Monster and a tone-deaf diva who improbably took center stage at Carnegie Hall."
"Don Wildman examines the greatest high-wire stunt in history, investigates the incredible lengths Thomas Jefferson took to preserve America's reputation and unravels one of the most bizarre hoaxes the world has ever seen."
"Writer Mark Twain uncovers a false science."
"The truth behind a culinary caper that stunned the world; a toilet that inspired a taboo-busting invention; a sculpture behind the most tragic love story of all time."
"Don examines a painting at the center of an art world scandal, a 19th century medallion connected to the case of a young girl with seemingly magnetic powers and a blunderbuss that recalls a pirate who terrorized the high seas."
"11. White House Water and More Don investigates an old map, a wooden barrel and an ancient chalice."
"Jim Lovell saves Apollo 8."
"Don investigates the unknown story behind a literary legend, the inspiring tale behind a group of rookie heroes and an army of Roman ghosts."
"Don investigates a freak storm, a kidnapped playboy and an oxygen tank."
"Don Wildman examines the origins of a mythical unicorn featured at a popular circus, the baffling case of a missing U.S. politician and an attack by one of the deadliest creatures on the planet."
"An aged instrument's epic history; uncovering the roots of the Salem Witch Trials; examining a plane linked to a man who would stop at nothing to win a bet."
"Don examines a patriotic pig that helped fund World War II, a man's trek to rescue his crew during an brutal Arctic expedition and two activists who risked their lives to take down a superpower and save the whales."
"Don examines a novel supposedly written by the ghost of a legendary author, a painting that isn't quite what it seems and a replica of the plane that flew in the first commercial airline flight."
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"Don investigates one of history's greatest archaeological discoveries, a high-flying heroine and a most unusual furry soldier."
"Host Don Wildman examines a piece of a controversial haunted house; a ghost army that saved World War II; and a golfer with a mysterious past."
"Don inspects a sleek fighter jet, an antique steam locomotive and a rare print of the Declaration of Independence."
"Don examines an enigmatic oar used in an unreal World War II deception, a gold nugget that helped set off the gold rush and a fossil belonging to one of history's strangest creatures."
"Don examines an enigmatic oar used in an unreal World War II deception, a gold nugget that helped set off the gold rush and a fossil belonging to one of history's strangest creatures."
"Don Wildman inspects a mysterious prehistoric bone; investigates an incendiary war plot to help defend America; and unearths the origins of a strategy that revolutionized the shopping industry."
"The story of a hero horse that risked her life. Also: a culinary mystery about a popular salad dressing; and an Olympic runner's battle with polio."
"Don investigates a life-threatening aviation adventure, a medical mystery with a creepy cure and an incredible race to the stars."
"Don investigates a life-threatening aviation adventure, a medical mystery with a creepy cure and an incredible race to the stars."
"Don tells the story of a leather harness worn by a real-life Smokey the Bear, investigates the remnants of a space mass and uncovers the shocking truth behind Napoleon's downfall with an ornate saddle."
"Don Wildman examines a patriotic pigeon that saved hundreds of lives during World War II, a clever conman who took advantage of a governmental gaffe and the uncle who inspired one of America's most iconic figures."
"Don inspects a seemingly possessed potato, examines an old chair connected to an intoxicating chapter in the life of George Washington and investigates the surprising origins of a famous paranormal communication device."
"Don examines a piece of cable used by a legendary aerialist during a high-wire walk, a French taxi that helped defeat the Germans during World War I and a piece of bone from a mysterious mass burial discovered in a Florida bog."
"Don examines a F8 Crusader jet that was at the center of a death-defying plummet to Earth, a specially outfitted convertible designed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a commemorative coin linked to a baseball player turned spy."
"Saving the Eiffel Tower, the murder of outlaw Belle Star, America's 2nd man to orbit Earth has to re-enter the atmosphere manually after a malfunction, the secret behind the success of Germany's Blitzkrieg, mysterious fossils of words."
"Don investigates a twisted tell-all, an explosive rodent infestation and a conman's bogus ballgame."
"Don investigates a miraculous story of survival, Harry Houdini's crusade against fraudulent mediums and a lunar event that saved Christopher Columbus."
"Don investigates an astronaut's mission gone awry, a killer canine sentenced to prison and a pilot's heroic efforts over the Pacific."
Season 13 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don Wildman examines an aircraft connected to an aerial attack on a California town, a Bible used in a bizarre exorcism and a pair of hiking boots worn in a record-breaking solo journey around the world."
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"Don showcases a piece of top-secret military equipment developed by the first celebrity chef, a ghost that terrorized a popular music venue and a father-son duo who rode the tallest wave in the world."
"Don examines a chunk of the Titanic's hull that's related to a new theory about the sinking of the ship, a US Army drone behind a starlet's big break and an electric tricycle with a fatal flaw."
"Don showcases a pocket watch used by a ruthless gangster in 1920s Chicago, an aircraft that disappeared over Australia after encountering a UFO and the first daredevil to brave Niagara Falls."
"Don Wildman reveals the little-known tale behind an iconic wedding dress, examines the investigation of a miraculous painting and investigates an underwater enigma that was full of hot air."
"Don examines a ceramic figure connected to a bizarre sighting, a bus model at the center of a mysterious disappearance and a tabulating machine that serves as a reminder of how a bookkeeper saved more than 100,000 lives."
"Don examines an engineer's daring mission to save a high-flying zeppelin, a pint-sized prodigy's plan to play pool and an explorers life-long quest to uncover an ancient lost Inca City."
Season 14 - Mysteries at the Museum
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"Don tells the story of a leather harness worn by a real-life Smokey the Bear, investigates the remnants of a space mass and uncovers the shocking truth behind Napoleon's downfall with an ornate saddle."
"Don investigates a patriotic pigeon, a conman's golden opportunity and the real story behind Uncle Sam."
"Don showcases a former first lady's campaign to save a New York landmark, a bouncing bomb that turned the tide of World War II and a journal that documented two men as they rowed across the Atlantic Ocean."
"Don investigates the contested birth of a mighty state, an epic battle between mankind and Mother Nature and a race that changed the world."
Season 15 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don examines a bizarre gift sent to the White House, a chef who saved the cheese industry from crumbling after an earthquake rocked Italy and a spy who went shopping for secret intelligence."
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"Don spotlights a miraculous air bubble on the ocean floor, a series of mysterious skeletons discovered in closets and a daring escape of a beloved children's character from the Nazis."
Season 16 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don examines a pocket calendar that belonged to a woman stranded in the Arctic, a space shuttle at the center of a harrowing ordeal more than 200 miles above Earth and a musical instrument which produced heavenly sounds."
"Don investigates a Titanic survivor plagued by disaster, the cause of mysterious crop circles in England and the case that created the first NYPD female detective."
"Don investigates a scientist's attempt to document the life cycle of a tornado, a record-breaking $100 million heist and a pioneering filmmaker who went head-to-head against Thomas Edison."
"Don Wildman investigates a president's cross-country road trip, a criminal crusader, and a canyon adventure."
"Don investigates an historic election headline, the inspiration for a literary villain and an epic quest for sunken treasure."
"Don examines a stuffed bear that inspired one of the greatest children's books of all time, a fireman's pike used in a icy rescue mission and a bottle of whiskey that was once at the center of an illegal escapade."
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"Don examines the mysterious illness behind a composer's untimely death, investigates a daring wartime rescue of 500 POWs and recalls an out-of-this-world discovery that changed what scientists knew about the universe."
"Napoleon must find a way to feed his army."
"Don examines a life vest worn during a harrowing ocean rescue, an oven used to cook a pizza fit for a queen and a harrier jet that narrowly escaped disaster."
Season 17 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don examines the insider who took down Al Capone, a jet engine that was used in a daring railroad experiment and a portrait painted by a woman who overcame insurmountable odds to become a world-renowned artist."
"Don Wildman investigates a dog with a sixth sense for danger, the harrowing tale of a drill rescue and a magazine detailing the murder of a famous model."
"Don investigates a legendary scam artist, an African lake with a hidden danger and a young girl who celebrated her birthday at the White House."
"Don examines an adventurous young man's daring escape from Cuba, a murder that was revealed by a shark and a duel that took place in hot air balloons."
"Don investigates a scandal that rocked 19th-century Paris, a life-or-death chess game during the height of the Russian Revolution and a Sasquatch sighting that goes viral."
"In Canary in the Coal Mine, miners are mysteriously dying. Scientist John Haldane (Carl Burrows) conducts lab and field work in mines using a special gas analysis machine (the artifact) and discovers that carbon monoxide is poisonous."
"Don examines the purported diaries of Adolf Hitler that scandalized 1980s Germany, a weather disaster that led to the invention of the bicycle and a possible scientific explanation for the story of Exodus."
"Don showcases a goat who served in World War I, a feud between two prominent New York families and a nefarious cattleman who murdered Native Americans for money."
Season 18 - Mysteries at the Museum
"Don investigates the story behind an iconic September 11th photo, a NASA experiment that turned deadly and a Naval codebreaker determined to outsmart the enemy."
"Don examines an unlikely alliance between the military and a mob boss, a death-defying voyage on the high seas and a high-flying heroine who went above and beyond the call of duty."
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"Don investigates the story behind an amazing feat of engineering, the incredible true tale of a literary legacy and a monumental discovery at sea."
"Don investigates the unexpected story behind the creation of the Alaskan flag, a madman who contributed to one of the most important books in the English language and how the whole of Chicago was raised into the air."
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Season 19 - Mysteries at the Museum
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"Don examines an ancient queen who drank a very expensive cocktail, an unusual box discovered by a farmer in the woods and an American colonel who routed the British with corn."
"Don examines how a dentist tool was the key to solving a bizarre mystery involving Thomas Jefferson, the helmet of a brave pilot who paved the way for space exploration and the story behind a young girl who stood up to the Nazis."
"Don Wildman investigates a rocket-powered wheel that took on the Nazis, an infamous outlaw with a heart of gold and an intrepid climber who scaled a skyscraper."
"Don Wildman investigates the origins of the mob, the dramatic story behind a reluctant ruler and the piano prodigy who helped thaw the Cold War."
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"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Don Winvestigates JFK's four-legged running mate, a daring plan to destroy a Nazi superweapon and the photographer who survived a volcanic eruption."
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