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Stan Lee's Lucky Man

Clayton is a detective who finds a magic bracelet that brings him good luck. The bad news is that someone very nasty wants it back.

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Stan Lee's Lucky Man
"The life of troubled London cop, D.I. Harry Clayton, takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious woman gives him a bracelet that seems to allow him to control luck. Will he use it to bring a killer to justice or win at the casino?"
"Harry's luck is put to the test when he and Suri hunt for the man who killed Freddy Lau. Dark forces appear to be closing in on Harry though, as Eve reappears with a warning and D.S. Winter receives a tip-off about Harry's links to Lau."
"Harry and D.I. Orwell investigate a bungled robbery that left a man dead in Hatton Garden. Their investigation leads them into the world of diamond smuggling and they soon find themselves at the mercy of those responsible."
"Harry and Suri investigate the kidnapping of a businesswoman from her office in London's financial district and soon discover a conspiracy that has links to the lucky bracelet. Eve senses danger and prepares to flee the city."
"Harry investigates the shooting of the owner of a private club and uncovers a link to another case. Suri intercepts a package sent to Winter. Casino boss Lily-Anne calls in Harry's debt ordering him to carry out an important task."
"Suri puts herself in danger when she and Harry investigate the discovery of a mutilated corpse in a building earmarked for demolition and uncover links to a conspiracy involving some of London's most powerful people."
"A man dies while fleeing for his life, sucking Harry and Suri into a case involving blackmail, theft, false identities and wealthy foreign students. What initially appears to be a simple scam turns out to be connected to Golding."
"London's dark forces close in on Harry and his family when a murder affects him personally. With Suri and Orwell bringing in the one and only suspect, Harry takes matters into his own hands using the power of the bracelet."
"Harry gets dangerously close to Golding before a disturbing turn of events puts his life at risk. Meanwhile, Anna and prison governor Nikhal Julian grow closer and Boyd shows his true colours, sitting on vital evidence."
"Anna and Daisy's lives are in danger, but Harry struggles to find a way to save them from Golding's cruel plan. He has been told that the only way to spare them is if he makes the ultimate personal sacrifice."
Season 2 - Stan Lee's Lucky Man
"6 months after rescuing his family from Golding, Harry Clayton is a very different man. He hasn't laid a bet in 186 days and has sworn off using the power of the bracelet - until he meets a woman with an identical bracelet."
"Harry's investigation into a wave of homophobic hate crimes leads him to a religious cult. An unconfirmed sighting of Golding in London forces Harry to take steps to protect his family. Isabella tests his willpower at a casino."
"Harry gets caught up in a dangerous investigation involving a modern-day Sweeney Todd and is shocked to discover the butcher could have links to Golding. Things take a dramatic turn when Eve is kidnapped."
"Harry investigates a bizarre case in East London's technology district when a driverless car is hacked, causing it to crash, killing its passenger. Eve tells Harry about her history with Isabella."
"Harry starts to grow suspicious of Isabella, while a series of dead bodies found in London's canals draws him into a murder investigation involving a self-righteous killer."
"Harry investigates when a hit-man kills all of the passengers on a charter flight, but the case puts him into an almost impossible situation when he discovers a sad link between the killer and Isabella."
"Everyone at the station falls under suspicion when a vital piece of evidence goes missing. Meanwhile, Anna sees a very different side to Isabella when she goes to visit her at her flat."
"Isabella puts a new plan into action as she begins a relationship with a member of the team. Meanwhile, Harry crosses a line when London's most wanted criminals are killed one-by-one."
"When Eve is put into a desperate situation she makes a decision she will quickly come to regret. Suri becomes uneasy as she and Orwell investigate Harry's accident and Anna makes DSI Winter doubt his judgement."
"Harry is forced to choose between stopping Isabella or losing everyone he loves, and his decision becomes all the more urgent when a member of his family disappears."
Season 3 - Stan Lee's Lucky Man
"Harry Clayton heads to Hong Kong where Eve has been framed for murder, there he clashes with a new nemesis - hit-man Samuel Blake who is on a lifelong mission to make the bracelets his."
"Harry returns to London and sets out to prove his innocence, but on the run from the police he is faced with the stark choice of heading into the criminal underworld and joining those he once hunted."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Suri teams up with Harry to find Dan Morrison, but just as they start to get some answers tragedy strikes. Rich heads into danger as he does some digging of his own - into the bracelets."
"Blake's adoptive father is in London and Harry has a golden opportunity to connect Blake to the drug trade and the Wu Chi Triads and returns to the gambling tables to raise the money he needs to stage a sting."
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