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Aging superhero, Titanium Rex, and his has-been team known as The League of Freedom struggle to stay relevant in a changing world.

Duration:30 mins

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Season 1 - SuperMansion
"After an encounter with the interstellar super villain Blazar, Rex resolves to salvage his public image. Brad tries to take advantage of Cooch in heat."
"American Ranger's former sidekick, current Secretary of Defense, joins the League for dinner at the mansion. Rex tries to secure increased funding while the rest of the League goes grocery shopping."
"When Black Saturn is cut off financially, he confronts his rich parents and involves Lex in a bid to restart his allowance."
"Rex and Ranger's peaceful camping trip does not go as planned when the rest of the League tags along. Rex waits for the perfect time to talk to reveal a dark secret to Ranger while Saturn hides his relationship with Lex. Jewbot goes offline and Cooch learns that she does not do well in nature."
"The League of Freedom prepares for the worst as the resourceful Dr. Devizo plans his escape from the mansion's underground prison. Rex attempts to match wits with Devizo while Black Saturn goes undercover and American Ranger seeks retribution for Gloria's betrayal."
"Billionaire defense contractor Ivan Whiff tries to lure Lex away from the League. Meanwhile, Jewbot administers routine physicals for the League, causing Ranger to disavow modern medicine and Brad to discover he may be allergic to Cooch."
"Lex releases all the prisoners and takes down the league of freedom. So it's up to titanium Rex to save his teammates."
Season 2 - SuperMansion
"While American Ranger helps Cooch get over the League's recent loss of a member, Titanium Rex and Jewbot must stop a mysterious internet cult from leaking sensitive League information."
"Titanium Rex tries to restore The League of Freedom's tarnished public image by traveling to Champston University in the hopes of wooing an old, beloved friend to join the League. While visiting the college, Black Saturn shows Jewbot the ins and outs of fraternity life, and the other members of The League have their own college experience."
"The league's newest member, Portia Jones, unveils her first plan for restoring the public opinion of the superheroes: a League of Freedom-themed pizza restaurant and arcade. Rex and the League try to make the best of the embarrassing new venture, and Jewbot has an existential crisis after learning about his disappointing origins."
"J.K. Simmons visits the SuperMansion to shadow Titanium Rex in the hopes of portraying him in a League of Freedom movie. Meanwhile, the villains in Storm City regroup to form the all-new Injustice Club, but things get uncomfortable when they move in to a new lair and start to question their leadership."
"A Black Saturn from 30 years in the future comes to present time Storm City to stop an event that will trigger a global apocalypse: Zenith and American Ranger having sex. While the older Black Saturn helps The League stop Zenith's goddess mating ritual, present-day Black Saturn is sent to the hellish and dangerous landscape of the future."
"A giant alien lifeform, Asteros, comes to earth looking for his Herald, Blazar, but when he finds out that Black Saturn devolved Blazar into a baby monkey, he vows to destroy the earth. With the help of NASA, The League of Freedom must travel into space to save the world from Asteros's violent planet destroying machine."
"Black Saturn has gone solo after leaving the League of Freedom and his first case to crack is a string of kidnappings: all women who used to model for famed 70s fashion photographer Mel Gurman. While Saturn tries to track down Gurman, Titanium Rex's old secret identity comes back to haunt him."
"After years of searching, Rex's older brother, Titanium Dax, becomes the second Subtopian ever to find his way to the earth's surface. He and his rock monster slave, Liplor, are thrilled to find that Rex is alive and well, but their reunion is soured when Dax threatens to reveal a dangerous secret about Rex's origins."
"To protect The League of Freedom, Titanium Rex has gone into hiding, working as a lumberjack far from civilization. While Rex tries to cope with his new identity as a regular, powerless man, Robobot attempts to get a downtrodden League of Freedom back together to take on a massive threat that he's uncovered."
"The Subtopian army has come to the earth's surface, and their enslavement of the human race has begun. The League of Freedom must join forces with the villains of The Injustice Club in order to stand a chance against the Subtopian invasion, but Rex, Lex, and Dr. Devizo cannot set aside their differences."
Season 3 - SuperMansion
"Black Saturn and Robobot look for the one who invaded their crib when Titanium Rex and the rest of the crew were out having a party while they Black Saturn and Robobot are the house trying figure what went wrong in the long run."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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