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The Haves and the Have Nots

Written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry, "The Haves and the Have Nots" is a drama series following the dynamics of the affluent Cryer family and the impoverished family of Hanna, their housekeeper, and the obstacles and secrets that exist...

Duration:42 mins

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Season 1 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"The Cryer family has prepared a surprise 50th birthday celebration for Jim, but as he arrives, he is stunned when he sees that his latest mistress, Candace, has become friendly with his daughter Amanda and is partaking in the festivities. Upon Wyatt's homecoming from rehab, the family is disheartened to see that he hasn't changed at all."
"Jim has repeatedly requested that Candace leave the family's home, but she continues to disobey him by staying with Amanda. Hanna, is startled when she stumbles upon Candace shuffling through Katheryn's bedroom."
"Candace threatens to ruin Jim's career."
"After Jim announces that he plans to run for Governor, Candace holds the affair against Jim and threatens to reveal the news to the media."
"After her eviction, Hanna goes to Benny with questions regarding possibly adjusting the mortgage on her home. David formulates a plan to get rid of Candace for good. Hanna is informed about Katheryn's diagnosis of cancer."
"Jim falls into Candace's vindictive trap once again and David is irked by the fact that Jim is unable to control himself, which leads him to take charge of the matter. Back at the Cryer mansion. Celine has become envious of Hanna."
"Jeffery and Wyatt help Amanda move into her new apartment."
"Hanna finds out that Benny happened to be behind the wheel of Candace's car. David reveals how he participated in the set-up. Katheryn ends up bonding with Hanna over their issues."
"After all the issues going on around her, Amanda tries to commit suicide after an altercation with Candace sends her over the edge. Katheryn shames Candace directly after Jim reveals his affair."
"Katheryn tells everyone that she is leaving for vacation, but that turns out to be false. Veronica agrees to work on Benny's case. Wyatt is shocked when a previous girlfriend shows up."
"Jim and Candace end up in a verbal and physical altercation. Amanda is in recovery while Katheryn might have to prepare for surgery. Wyatt receives another visitor from his past."
"Information is discovered by a detective that links Benny and Tony. Veronica continues to work toward answers for Benny's case. Laura is kept away from Wyatt by Jeffrey."
"Veronica collects enough evidence to send it off to David, which in turn exposes the conspiracy. Katheryn gets nervous when her secret almost goes public."
"After her secret is revealed, Katheryn tells everyone what she really knows about Jim's secret activities. Jeffrey finally discloses his love for Wyatt."
"Jeffrey tells his parents that he's gay. Hanna discloses that Tony is actually Benny's father. Candace informs Amanda that her parents are keeping her inheritance. Wyatt relapses and has a accident,"
"Candace persuades Amanda to be assertive; Hanna awaits an update on Benny's condition."
"After a hit-and-run accident, Wyatt kills a little girl and Benny is on life support; Jim's campaign is in trouble; Amanda's on the verge of a breakdown; Hanna hears bad news about Benny."
"When Celine tries to destroy her accountability, Hanna clashes with Tony about keeping Benny on life support."
"Jeffrey realizes that Wyatt is responsible for Lizzie's death and Benny's condition."
"Jeffery tells Wyatt that the man he hit is Hanna's son. Elsewhere, Candace finds out that Benny is in the county hospital and that the doctors want to take him off life support, so she begs Jim to move him to a private hospital. Meanwhile, Katheryn is buckling under the guilt of Wyatt's crime, and Veronica decides not to tell the Cryers about the location of Jeffery's car-the black sedan Wyatt drove when he critically injured Benny and killed a little girl. Finally, Amanda, who has been exhibiting increasingly disturbing behavior, asks Jeffery where she can buy a gun."
"Jim tries to keep Wyatt out of jail. Tony serves Hanna with court papers."
"Amanda seeks revenge on the professor by sneaking into his bedroom and insulting him. Meanwhile, Candace represents Hanna in her fight to keep Benny on life support."
"Wyatt's actions and Candace's threats cause a great deal havoc as Jim prepares to announce his candidacy for governor."
"The judge rewards Tony in his case against Hanna; Hanna pleads with Tony to keep Benny on life support."
"Candace makes an attempt to blackmail Jim and David during a campaign event, and Wyatt is arrested."
"Wyatt is arrested. Candace is kidnapped by the Malones. Benny shows signs of brain activity."
"Jim concocts a cover story to protect his son. Meanwhile Amanda gets a gun and Candace tells the truth about her pregnancy."
"Jim proclaims his son's innocence. Quincy pays Hanna a surprise visit in search of Candace."
"Benny wakes up from his coma."
"Benny prepares for his release from the hospital. Hanna plans to testify against Wyatt. Maggie tries to seduce David."
"After escaping her kidnappers, Candace asks Warlock for help. Jeffrey is seduced by Melissa."
"Benny goes home. Candace finds out Quincy is looking for her. Jim puts Plan B into effect. David and Jeffrey get caught. Amanda leaves with Quincy."
"Amanda leaves the Cryer estate with Quincy. Candace hides out at Jeffrey's apartment. Katheryn and Celine get into another confrontation."
"A news report claiming that another person is responsible for the hit-and-run saves Wyatt from jail. Katheryn berates Jim about his evil deeds. Hanna attempts to apologize to Jim for her hand in the tragedy."
"Jim is confronted by Carlos, his illegitimate son with Celine. Katheryn's celebratory dinner party goes awry when Quincy, Candace's ex, shows up as Amanda's date. David and Veronica continue to battle over the fact that Jeffrey is gay. Candace seeks her revenge on Jim. Maggie makes another attempt to sleep with David."
Season 2 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Hanna hosts a party for Benny; Jim is held hostage; and David is tempted to sleep with Maggie."
"Jim is still being tormented by Candace. Hanna seeks information about Quincy's mother so she can get one step closer to finding her grandson. Benny is furious when he finds out that Candace sneaked out the house, so he leaves to find Jeffrey. Wyatt is still reading Jim's texts and drinking. Veronica grows impatient waiting on hotel security to open David's room."
"Veronica and Maggie fight, But David manages to pull them to apart."
"Hanna makes a heart stopping discovery."
"Hanna finds Amanda dead in her room, and she, Wyatt, and Celine are overcome with shock."
"Candace promises Benny that she's legit now. Jim is lost in the wrong section of town until a good Samaritan gets him back to his home."
"Katheryn tells the story of how she first met Jim and gets into another fight with Celine."
"Wyatt argues with Jim over the emails he had read. Jeffrey has a surprise guest at his home. Benny and Hanna go to visit Candace."
"Jim confronts Wyatt about what he said in the last episode, and Wyatt explains why he really loathes his father and reveals Jim's numerous affairs, including the fling that he had with Celine while Wyatt was at camp being molested."
"Hanna has the cleaning crew clean Amanda's room, but Jim is not pleased."
"Katheryn and Jim plan for a divorce. Candace buys a new house. David is angry at Veronica for telling Quincy to beat up Jeffrey. Veronica goes to the Sarandon Hotel and causes big trouble."
"Jeffrey stands up to Veronica .Quincy comes to Hanna's house with her grandson. Veronica burns down her house with David in the bed."
"Veronica starts a fire that destroys her mansion and almost claims David's life. Benny, who's searching for his nephew, plans to bail Quincy out of jail."
"Amanda is mourned and laid to rest. Katheryn and Jim confront Candace about Amanda and knock her out."
"Jim takes Wyatt out of the Cryer Mansion."
"Hanna is still in shock over what she has just witnessed: her son, Benny, in bed with Veronica, a married woman."
"Candace shows Benny where she works. Wyatt tries to tell the officers about the switch and he ends up fighting off his cellmate. Benny gets Quincy out of jail, only to kill him."
"While Quincy is hurt from the accident, Benny checks him for info on his nephew; afterward, he frames him for drug possession."
"Hanna is reunited with her grandson."
"Candace learns that Hanna is seeking custody of Q; and the Cryers and Harringtons try to convince the D.A. that Wyatt's taped confession is a misunderstanding."
"Candace buys property with the money she extorted from Jim; and Jim is interviewed on TV."
"While Jim is being interviewed by Dianna Winchill, a surprise guest arrives. Veronica tells Jim that she had planned Wyatt's attack in prison, leading Jim to attack her and later put a hit on her, Professor Cannon, and Prison Guard Terrell."
"Hanna grows suspicious of Benny's involvement with Veronica and how he acquired his new house; Quincy drives a car through Hanna's home in spite of revenge; Candace decides to let her guard down with Oscar."
"Hanna becomes devastated when she learns that Quincy set her house on fire; Maggie tries to talk David into running for Governor; Jeffrey gives Wyatt the necessary ammunition to take his parents down."
"Hanna and Benny force Candace to tell the truth about everything; In the end, Quincy ends up being stabbed to death by Jeffrey."
Season 3 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Candace and Jeffrey disagree on what to do with Quincy's body when interrupted by a knock on the door."
"Candace and Jeffery get a visit from police because of a nosy neighbor; Jeffery panics and ends up in a bad situation;"
"Quincy wakes up and begs for Candace's help; Benny asks Warlock and Mitch for help with the company; Jeffery gets sexually harassed by Officer Justin after a DUI arrest; Quincy's sister is getting worried about him."
"Candace's lies catch up with her especially when Warlock comes for a visit; Wyatt fakes his urine test; Benny has suspicions about his friends; Maggie tries to get David released; Jennifer tries to intimidate Katheryn."
"Benny agrees to help Candace hide evidence in Quincy's murder; Jeffery finds out about Wyatt's immunity deal for him and refuses to testify unless the Cryer and Harrington trials can be separate;"
"Quincy Jr. passes out on Hanna after getting really sick and is taken to the hospital and placed in ICU;"
"Maggie's lie to David could cause her to lose him forever; Katheryn gets out of jail but she can't find anyone to help Jim or Veronica; Quita pays a visit to Candace. Hanna goes back to work but all is not what it seems."
"Candace interrogates the social worker."
"Wyatt's role in putting Benny into the hospital is revealed by Katheryn."
"Candace tells Benny that he shouldn't go into business with Warlock."
"Warlock has pushed up Candace's due date, the episode ends with Maggie walking into Veronica's house and is shot by the gunman."
"When Maggie goes to Veronica's house she gets a horrific surprise."
"David finds out Maggie was the one who got shot."
"Jennifer is afraid to face the consequences."
"Katheryn copes with Wyatt's departure. Katheryn ask Hanna to tell Jim about Wyatt's death."
"Jim needs help dealing with a personal crisis and confides in David."
"After Jeffrey lashes out in anger he calls Officer Justin for help."
"Jennifer arrives at Katheryn's house to tell her that Wyatt is alive."
"Jim teams up with a former enemy in his scheme against Candace."
"Mitch breaks up the fight between David and Benny; David gets some shocking information about Mitch."
"Hanna is hiding out at Katheryn's house."
"Benny learns the truth of how Candace financed his property."
"Katheryn explodes after being pushed to her limit."
Season 4 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"Veronica is stunned after Katheryn lashes out in anger."
"Candace threatens Officer Justin."
"David gets caught in the middle of a fight between Katheryn and Veronica."
"Jim helps Katheryn clean up a mess she's created."
"Veronica brilliantly discovers a way to get Candace and Jeffery out of a precarious predicament."
"Veronica confronts Erica in a cold exchange."
"Jim gauges Veronica's loyalty to the group."
"Hanna struggles to keep the peace in her family."
"Oscar makes Candace an offer to blackmail the biggest mark she's ever had."
"Candace makes Charles her latest mark."
"Warlock looks for Candace. Meanwhile Mitch returns from jail."
"Hanna's family once again push themselves to the limit after Warlock unleashes his vengeance."
"Mamma Rose plans to enact a devastating revenge plot."
"Charles beats Candace at her own game."
"Veronica confronts Erica and David on the elevator about their relationship."
"Veronica catches Jeffery and Officer Justin at a hotel room."
"Candace gets some devastating news."
"Candace seeks revenge after a tragic loss."
"Katheryn and Jim explode with emotion as Jim pleads with her for retribution."
"Candace struggles with despair and the lost of her son."
"Veronica does something that puts Jeffrey and Officer Justin in a bad position."
Season 5 - The Haves and the Have Nots
"David discovers Jeffrey's whereabouts."
"Hanna reveals a dark secret. David calls Katheryn for help."
"Justin shows his love and lust for Jeffrey. Candace and Benny fight to keep their relationship."
"Hanna finds herself a new love interest. Candace and jeffrey's secret crime begin to catch up with them."
"Candace gets released from jail while David fights to free Jeffrey out of jail."
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"Veronica lets it be known that she is the only queen in the kingdom; Candace reverts to old ways."
"Candace enacts her new money scheme like a boss."
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