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Wallykazam! follows the adventures of a troll named Wally and his pet dragon, Norville, who live in a forest with giants, goblins, ogres, sprites and other mythical creatures. Wally uses his magic stick to make words come to life on screen that...

Duration:24 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Wallykazam!
"Wally agrees to babysit Ogre Doug's rambunctious pet Borgelorp, and make sure it takes a nap. But when Bobgoblin feeds the Borgelorp purple flowers, the creature starts to behave in surprising ways."
"Wally uses the magic stick to make Norville his very own castle, filled with everything dragons love. But trouble reigns when Bobgoblin takes over the castle and declares himself king."
"Wally uses a magic word to make a rock spring to life. Her name is Rockelle, and she knows where a big treasure is buried! She leads Wally and Norville on a treasure hunt, but Bobgoblin wants the treasure for himself."
"Norville falls in mud and needs to take a bath...but dragons don't like baths. Wally turns bath time into a party in order to get his muddy friend clean."
"Wally must find the strange ingredients of a magical potion to cure Norville's bad case of dragon hiccups."
"When rain ruins Gina Giant's picnic, Wally and friends try to secretly prepare a surprise picnic for her, inside her giant house."
"When Wally's glider lands in Stan's swamp, the grumpy swamp monster issues a challenge: he'll give the glider back if Wally can make him laugh. It's no easy task, because Stan has never laughed before."
Season 2 - Wallykazam!
"Wally and Norville are surprised to discover that Cake Monster now works at the bakery! But when Barbara Baker gets called away for a baking emergency, Wally has to help the mistake-prone monster run the bakery alone."
"When Wally decides to show his new friend Zach just how many fun words 'z' can make, Bobgoblin convinces Wally to make a zillion zombie zucchinis. Salad."
"Wally and Norville are enjoying breakfast when there's a knock at the window. It's a frantic Gina Giant - someone is taking her stuff! Wally makes himself, Norville, and Gina into detectives to investigate."
"Norville is finally big enough for he and Wally to go on a much anticipated night flight! But Norville accidentally bumps into the magic word \"young\" and turns into a puppy again! Wally and Norville must find Ogre Doug fast."
"It's Buddy Pal Friend Day, the day where everyone picks a pal and gives him or her a heartfelt gift. Bobgoblin happily receives his gift from his pal, Hattie, but doesn't give her anything in return."
"Wally and Norville are playing superheroes and invite Ogre Doug to join them, but Ogre Doug doesn't know how - he's never been a superhero before! Together they come up with the perfect super-persona for Ogre Doug: Captain Animal. They make him a jumpsuit and even his own jungle."
"It's Wally's Sleepver, Find Bobgoblin, And Use Your Nose With Us, Sleepover Party Is Bobgoblin, Course Deal Is Sleeping Over, Bobogoblin Can Help You."
"It's Wally's birthday, and his friends - all incognito in disguises - have set up a silly quest that Wally must go on in order to find his birthday party. Wally has to complete a series of challenges and collect four letters, which together will form a word that tells him where his party is."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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