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We Bare Bears

Three brother bears awkwardly attempt to find their place in civilized society, whether they're looking for food, trying to make human friends, or scheming to become famous on the internet. Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear stack atop one another when...

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Season 1 - We Bare Bears
"After a game of basketball the Bears find out their stuff has been stolen."
"In Grizzly's desperate attempt to acquire more friends, the brothers attend Meme Con to become \"internet famous\"."
"Disappointed with the dishes served by local food trucks, the bears open their own food truck."
"The bears become friends with an intelligent girl who has chosen them for her college report."
"After accidentally consuming a food that he is allergic to, Panda is saved by a cashier whom he develops a strong crush on."
"As the bears start their day with their usual routine, they individually get caught into sticky situations; Grizz gets stuck in a tree, a mouse lands on Panda's computer and Ice Bear's new Roomba malfunctions."
"While visiting a burrito place, Grizz becomes obsessed with a bear-sized burrito that eventually becomes his whole life."
"Grizz gets the bears lost in the deep forest to test whether or not they have lost their survival instincts in the modern world."
"The bears find a jacket that supposedly brings them good luck whenever they wear it."
"After a recent meltdown, a bedraggled Nom Nom asks the bears to help him regain his spot as \"cutest Internet star.\""
"Tired of the decay of etiquette in movie theaters, the bears decide to shush people who ruin movies for others."
"Chloe has a hard time making new friends in college, so the Bears give her to some help."
"The bears meet an annoying friend."
"Panda scares away a pack of wolves, disrupting the hierarchy of the bears and making him the leader."
"The Bears' home is threatened by a construction project and they must prove they own their place. They go through memories and records to try and save their home."
"Panda's accident sneeze video goes viral on the internet."
"In a trip to the past, the young bears struggle to find a home on the open road."
"Panda and Grizzly bring a crab as a pet and it bites Ice Bear. It's a race against time to take Ice Bear to the hospital."
"While at the grocery store the Bears buy reusable bags called totes. Then it becomes their life!"
"When Charlie decided to bring the three bears on a party and try to get them food, he accidentally met a snake where they became friends and escape from photographers."
"When Panda start dating a french girl, Celine by video dating, his brothers agrees to help him but then each of them falls in love with Celine, as they try to impress Celine all at once."
"The story goes back when the three bears were still little cubs as they try to get adopted."
"When Chloe decided to spend the day with the three bears and found out that only Ice Bear is available, they went on sightseeing as Chloe try to have fun with Ice Bear, later ending up in the National Museum."
"After busting their laptop, the bears attempt to make the money needed to repair it by getting a job at a cupcake shop."
"After Grizz reads a book about hibernation, he tries to hibernate while his brothers don't want him to."
"Panda gets hurt playing basketball so the Bears invite Charlie join the team. Unexpectedly, Charlie gets good fast. Too good."
Season 2 - We Bare Bears
"A box full of free stuff the bears find at a yard sale send each of them on their own adventure."
"A thunderstorm moves in and forces Chloe to spend the night with the bears."
"The Bears go to their doctor for a check-up and are told that they eat too much human food. Their physician prescribes a more natural 'bear-based' eating plan. They are enthused at first, but eventually struggle with the rigors of dieting."
"Andy Bangs is the hottest new online celebrity. Feeling the heat from his competition, Nom Nom realizes he needs cooler friends and enlists the Bears as his entourage."
"When the 3 bears package disappears- they receive help from the local lady-ranger."
"The brother bears exchange rooms."
"Feeling unappreciated, Ice Bear leaves the family and gets a job at an Asian restaurant."
"After Panda is mad at his brothers for using his phone too much, Grizz and Ice Bear decide to get their own phone which are better than the one Panda has and he get jealous."
"The bears starts wearing clothes. They start to participate in everyone's daily life. Panda finds himself a fiancee, Grizzly- a job and Ice Bear becomes a fashion model."
"The baby bears got isolated on an island with a lovely \"couple\"."
"After the bears swim in a lake- they catch a flu. Chloe tries to take care of them, but things got out of hand when the authorities get involved."
"Bear Flu: The Bears become terribly ill and Chloe takes it upon herself to take care of them. But things get tricky when word of the Bears' sickness goes viral. \/ Chicken and Waffles: Panda needs to meet his brothers at the most exclusive restaurant in town. But when he loses his contacts lenses and can't see, Panda needs Charlie's help to get him into the city."
"The Audition: The Bears audition to be the next mascot for their favorite cereal. They get so caught up in the process that their competitiveness gets the best of them."
"The Bears are reunited with their pet crab, Captain Craboo. But after an unfortunate run-in with Nom Nom, the Bears may lose their pet forever."
"The \"adventures\" of the 3 brother bears (as cubs) on board of an airplane."
"Yuri and the Bear: Baby Ice Bear lives alone in the arctic and meets a mysterious man named Yuri. Together they help each other survive the cold environment."
"Ice Bear's custom vacuum mobile gets stolen by a gang of techies, and he must navigate the city's underground world in order to retrieve it."
"Icy Nights: Ice Bear rides his custom vacuum into the city. But when a gang of techies steal the vacuum, Ice Bear goes on a rescue mission that takes him through the underground world of the city. \/ Everyone's Tube: Through a standard video browsing session online, we get a glimpse of the different kinds of videos the Bears have posted."
"Ranger Tabes tells the Bears she's been investigating a mysterious creature. But when the Bears realize she's actually investigating their friend Charlie, they split up to ensure Charlie's safety."
"The bears try and help Chloe study for a big test, but end up ruining the library's peace and quiet in the process."
"Being bored and suffering lack of attention from his brothers, Grizz tries to find for himself a new entertainment as a vigilante for those who don't really need his help."
"The bears get invitations from Ranger Tabes, Charlie, and Chloe for 3 separate Christmas parties, but the the bears get an invitation from Nom-Nom, so now, the bears must equally divide their time at each party in order to get to Nom-Nom's party."
"The Bears are stranded on a subway platform after missing their train. But while waiting, the Bears are challenged with recovering some lost items."
"After Grizz and Ice Bear try to get Panda a new friend, Panda finds an app that finds friends. Then, Panda makes a new friend named Tom, and they both have a lot in common."
Season 3 - We Bare Bears
"Grizzly lands a role in a film about grizzly bears, but it turns out to be a different sort of movie than he expected."
"Nom Nom wants to go on a famous children's show, but has to complete an anger management class. Grizz goes along."
"The Baby Bears' dreams come true when they find a 100-dollar bill. But when they can't bear to spend it, they realize it's difficult to let go."
"Chloe's professor is too mean to give her any face time to talk over her poor grade. The Bears take things into their own hands to help, causing big trouble for Chloe."
"After Charlie hurts his foot, The Bears have to sneak him into a hospital for medical assistance."
"Ranger Tabes leads a troop of young girls into a cave expedition, and brings Grizz as their cave expert."
"To impress Lucy, Panda offers to babysit her brother, Clifford. But Clifford turns out to be too high maintenance for Panda to handle."
"Set like the BBC documentary Planet Earth, the omniscient narrator covers the bears' morning and trip to the grocery store."
"When playing with a potato gun, Chloe and Ice Bear lose Chloe's special hoodie. To get it back they have to go through a highly aggressive canine named \"The Demon\""
"Panda uses Charlie as a model for his new painting, which he then gifts to Charlie. But then it turns bad when Panda is offered money for the painting after he gifted it to Charlie."
"When the bears learn that Ice Bear makes great coffee, they start a coffee shop. But when they get too many customers, things get difficult."
"The baby bears become prizes in a carnival, so they can be won and therefore adopted. But because the bears are generating publicity, the owner will do anything to make them stay."
"When the bears want to go to their local lake, they find it overcrowded and dirty. Because of this they go to Charlie's personal and pristine lake. After having a great time, the bears accidentally post their experiences to social media."
"The bears have lunch with Ranger Tabes, but when Tabes's sandwich gets stolen, she gets into full detective mode to find the culprit."
"Chloe and the bears embark on a journey to see a meteor shower. Since Ice Bear is the only one who can drive he is appointed as \"captain\". Things get dicey when a hitchhiker joins the crew."
"Panda goes to great lengths to try to return a phone to the girl of his dreams."
"The bears find a cute kitty in the forest, and decide to keep it. But things go awry when adult cougars enter their home."
"Grizz screens an epic amateur movie he just made for a focus group. But when he notices people are leaving he must figure out ways to keep the audience engaged."
"Nom-Nom meets his long-lost brother, Kyle."
"After accidentally wounding an animal, Rangers Tabes quits her job. The Bears do what they can to coax her out of retirement."
"When Panda and Lucy take part in a dance contest, Panda can't find the heart to tell her she's a bad dancer."
"Ice Bear makes a night trip to rescue Yana, and meets some foes from the past."
"With no place to stay while their cave gets fumigated, the Bears book a night at a hotel for dogs."
"To help their friend Darrel save the mouse pad store, bears become Buddy driver to make money."
"Things go awry while Nom Nom shoots his TV show, so the bears offer to help and appear on his show."
"Ralph takes over the cave and turns it into a snowy fortress where he reigns as king over the Bears and Charlie."
"While the bears are at the spa, Grizz enjoys everything it offers, Panda gets trapped in the steam room, and Ice Bear plays a game of ping pong."
"Charlie hosts an evening of spooky stories starring the Bears."
"The baby bears find a group of bunnies who live in fear of crows, so they decide to help them."
"Grizz becomes best buds with a flock of pigeons."
"Baby Panda happily lives in a closed off environment for study. But when he's given a new friend, Panda 2, his worldview is shaken, which sets him off on a great adventure."
"The Baby Bears sign up for a game of laser tag, hoping to win some ice cream. But, the round of laser tag turns out to be less of a game and more like a war zone."
"Grizz helps Ranger Tabes and the Poppy Rangers play a game of kickball against their rivals."
"Chloe and Ice Bear drive up north to find the perfect Christmas tree. Meanwhile, Grizz and Panda are in charge of decorating Chloe's house."
Season 4 - We Bare Bears
"The two pairs of brothers, Tom, Isaac, and Griff and the bear bros, get on a game show to see who are the best bros."
"While a hurricane hits, the bears are sprawled across town. Grizz with the Poppy Rangers, Panda with Charlie, and Ice Bear with Chloe. They all try to make it through the storm."
"Nom Nom is heavily stressed by his excessive popularity. Grizz comes with him on a vacation to lower his stress."
"The Bears allow bees to live in the cave to make honey. But soon the Bears, entranced by the honey, become the bees' mindless servants."
"The Bears spend a day at the park. Grizz works out. Panda attempts to sell his artwork. Ice Bear trains some kids."
"After Ice Bear hits his head, Grizz and Panda notice him acting like a different person."
"The baby bears play a game of basketball against a ragtag group of kids to win a pizza."
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