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Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp follows Wyatt Earp's great granddaughter as she battles demons and other creatures. With her unique abilities, and a posse of dysfunctional allies, she's the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice.

Duration:60 mins

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Season 1 - Wynonna Earp
"On the night of her 27th birthday, Wynonna Earp-descendent of the great gunslinger Wyatt Earp-reluctantly returns to her hometown to take on her family's legendary curse."
"Wynonna struggles to abide by the rules imposed by the Black Badge Division; Henry the drifter makes a deal he may be unable to upload."
"Waverly closes in on Doc's secret, and Wynonna and Dolls race to thwart a ritual that could set the revenants loose on the world."
"Wynonna and Dolls must act quickly as Purgatory residents start dropping dead, killed by an apparently invisible assailant."
"Wynonna and Dolls make a daring raid on the trailer park run by Purgatory's lead Revenant. Henry finds himself face to face with an old friend-and an old nemesis."
"Wynonna hunts down one of the Revenants responsible for the attack on the Homestead fifteen years earlier. Waverly unravels a mystery left behind by her Uncle Curtis."
"Waverly throws an engagement party, but Henry's quest for revenge puts her guests in grave danger. Wynonna teams up with an unlikely ally to investigate a killer targeting young women."
"Henry and Dolls put aside their differences to infiltrate a Revenant fight club; at the same time, Wynonna refuses to be a serial killer's next victim."
"Still shaken by her encounter with the last of the Seven, Wynonna turns to drink-and other lustful activities-for solace. Soon she's swept up in Henry's vendetta to find and defeat the woman who wronged him."
"Wynonna and Dolls investigate the haunting, snowy Barrens where rumors of a bloodthirsty beast could prove Bobo's undoing-and their own. Henry confronts his murky future and takes action with Waverly's inadvertent help."
"The Earp girls' world has been rocked by their discovery in the Barrens, but Wynonna must swing back into action when a gambler is torn apart in his hotel room. Henry meets a mysterious stranger on the road out of the Ghost River Triangle."
"An admirer with a gruesome vendetta has someone familiar in a tight spot, while Wynonna races to outwit Bobo Del Rey-and protect Dolls from a new foe."
"Wynonna faces down her most terrifying nemesis yet at a horrific personal cost. Waverly learns a shocking truth about her own past, and Dolls makes an impossible choice."
Season 2 - Wynonna Earp
"Wynonna tries to rescue Dolls who seems to have mutated. Waverly shows there is more than meets the eye to her."
"Waverly's changing personality is accelerating and affecting those around her, especially Nicole. Wynonna struggles to fight against the new Revenants."
"Doc tries to help a friend in need. Wynonna deals with an angry Marzanoik, a genie like-creature but more evil."
"When a Black Badge agent is savagely attacked, the team must recover his briefcase before it falls into the wrong hands."
"Wynonna and Waverly must confront their demons (and each other) during a giant snowstorm."
"It's a race against time, as Wynonna and team race to save Purgatory from a permanent dirt nap."
"Wynonna's indiscretion with Doc haunts them and the team. Wynonna and Nicole hit the road in search of answers."
"Wynonna may finally learn the origin of the Earp curse. The team works to save the future."
"Doc must make an impossible choice. Waverly makes a new friend but is terrorized by an old one."
"The group rushes to save one of their own, but it could result in the cost of another."
"Wynonna and Doc get trapped in an alternate reality where she doesn't exist. The Widows prepare to release their leader."
"Wynonna Earp and her friends face off against the Widows in the final battle. The new Earp Heir is finally born."
Season 3 - Wynonna Earp
"Wynonna must figure out why a bus full of sexy strangers have arrived in Purgatory."
"Bulshar's reveals himself in a shocking turn of event that will change the team forever."
"The team must come to terms with the consequences of their actions; someone claiming to be from Black Badge Division arrives in Purgatory."
"The forest reveals its secrets and a clue to Nicole's past; Wynonna pays an unexpected visit to her mother."
"A demon causes havoc in town as Wynonna, Waverly and Jolene must decide who they can trust."
"It's Christmas in Purgatory as children of the founding fathers are picking out Christmas trees and start being drawn in to what they think is Santa, as the Sheriff is playing Santa, he becomes confused and upset as the children are vanishing and Mother Earp is making a fresh kill turkey for dinner. Waverly bugs mother to tell her where her Angel Father is at now! Winona learns Doc Holiday has a vampire wife from1880's and she's in Purgatory!"
"Wynonna and Nicole seem to be out of luck when an errand from Sheriff Nedley goes terribly wrong. Mama uncovers Doc's secret."
"Former foes stalk the gang during date night, a night of dressing up, drinking and fighting demons."
"History keeps repeating itself when Wynonna has to make an impossible choice; Waverly and Nicole visit a jeweler; a familiar face returns to Purgatory."
"A mysterious woman who knows a little too much about the Earps arrives on the Homestead with a special mission for Wynonna and Waverly; the rest of the team must wrangle a deadly fire witch."
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